A quick intro to Belmore Digital, SEO and Digital Marketing

Who is Belmore Digital?

G’day. I’m Jeremy Beckett, Expert SEO Consultant, Digital Marketer and Information Architect who runs Belmore Digital. I am based in Sydney, Australia, but consult with clients globally. I have over 20 years deep experience in SEO, Digital Marketing and Information Architecture and in making money online by optimising, managing, trafficking and monetising websites and related properties. You can see my range of Digital Marketing & Expert SEO Consulting Services here.

What is SEO & Digital Marketing?

SEO & Digital Marketing is the art of optimising Owned / Earned Media to maximise web property traffic and revenue across whichever organic platform / connection channel is used.

Put simply: the aim is to maximise exposure, reach and qualified traffic from SEO / organic search, social media, email and apps to drive increased customer conversions and retention.

Why go SEO & Digital?

The benefits of using SEO & Digital Marketing, as opposed to Paid Search, or Paid Social, are longer-lasting and further-reaching.

SEO users more easily become customers and they are more likely to graduate to becoming loyal customers willing to advocate for a web property and its services.

SEO and Organic Digital Marketing then becomes a self-fulfilling, virtuous circle.

How to do SEO and market organically?

  • By understanding the basic SEO Ranking Factors which Google uses to Find, Crawl & Index web pages and then reading my Basic SEO Guide.
  • By building a great, optimised, organic search or web experience, founded on a deep understanding of user needs and their position on the user journey.
  • By doing in-depth Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and building a great Information Architecture to enable users to find what they want easily & swiftly.
  • By focusing on optimising technology and technical structures to give a strong, flexible, and responsive base.
  • By understanding users and talking to them, normally.
  • By creating optimised content and information which is relevant, engaging and useful.
  • By ensuring your optimised web property is linked, or seen in the right channels, in the right way, at the right time.
  • By continually learning and improving from the things we do.
  • By being agile, focusing on 80/20 and looking for +10% improvement each iteration.
  • By helping to solve a user’s fundamental problem or question.
  • By being an Expert SEO Consultant 😉

Last modified: November 12, 2018