Belmore Digital, a leading Digital Marketing, SEO, and Analytics Consultancy, led by JB, collaborated with a prominent Australian bank to enhance their understanding of analytics data. The bank faced challenges in understanding performance data discrepancies, where results appeared either exceptionally favorable or traffic volumes seemed unrealistic at a granular level. Such anomalies raised concerns regarding the reliability of their analytics platform and the accuracy of the insights derived. The bank sought expert assistance to understand these discrepancies and use their analytics effectively for better decision-making.

Actions Taken

JB started with a thorough analysis of the bank’s analytics infrastructure, search into data sources, collection methodologies, and platform configurations. Through a strict analysis, it became evident that the bank was dealing with sampled data, a phenomenon where data subsets are used to represent the larger dataset.

To address this challenge, Belmore Digital undertook the following key actions:

  1. Data Analysis and Platform Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the analytics platform and data collection processes was conducted to identify any anomalies or irregularities. This involved scrutinising data sampling techniques and their impact on reported metrics.
  2. Educational Intervention: Belmore Digital provided the bank’s team with valuable insights into sampled data, explaining its implications and limitations. By creating a deeper understanding of this concept, the team was empowered to discern between reliable insights and artifacts resulting from data sampling.
  3. Customised Solutions: Custom strategies were developed to mitigate the effects of sampled data on the bank’s analytics results. This included implementing corrective measures within the analytics platform to enhance data accuracy and reliability.
  4. Training and Skill Enhancement: Belmore Digital conducted specialised training sessions for the bank’s staff to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate analytics data effectively. This proactive approach aimed to create a culture of data literacy within the organisation, enabling stakeholders to leverage analytics insights with confidence.

Anonymised Work Examples

Insightful breakdown of website traffic patterns, helping to understand audience behaviour and optimise marketing strategies for better engagement.

Detailed assessment of landing page effectiveness, pinpointing areas for improvement to enhance user experience and drive conversions.


The collaborative efforts between Belmore Digital and the Australian bank recognise positive improvements in analytics understanding and utilisation. By explaining the complication of sampled data and providing actionable insights, JB empowered the bank to make informed business decisions based on reliable analytics data.

Key outcomes of the engagement include:

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: The bank gained an understanding of data sampling and its implications, enabling them to discern between accurate insights and artifacts resulting from sampling.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Armed with reliable analytics data, the bank’s decision-makers could make strategic choices with confidence, leading to more effective resource allocation and performance optimisation.
  • Improved Performance Measurement: By addressing data discrepancies and enhancing data accuracy, the bank was better equipped to measure and evaluate the performance of its digital initiatives accurately.

In conclusion, Belmore Digital’s collaboration with the Australian bank exemplifies the transformative impact of insightful analytics consultancy. Through targeted interventions and strategic guidance, JB and the team at Belmore Digital empowered the bank to harness the full potential of their analytics data, driving informed decision-making and sustainable business growth.

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