Belmore Digital, a prominent Digital Marketing and SEO Consultancy run by JB, played a significant role in assisting Australia’s leading consumer information website in an extensive transformation. The client wanted to refresh and migrate from an outdated system to a new one while minimising disruptions to their user base.

In this project, the client is after the improvement of the user experience (UX) and streamlined functionalities to meet present consumer needs. However, the challenge lay in ensuring a smooth transition without compromising on user satisfaction or encountering significant technical glitches.

Actions Taken

Under JB’s strategic guidance, Belmore Digital devised an innovative approach to address the client’s requirements effectively. A key aspect of the strategy involved conducting live beta testing for end-users, enabling them to actively engage with and provide feedback on the new site and its functionalities before its global launch.

This live beta testing phase served multiple purposes:

  1. Bug Identification and Resolution: By allowing end-users to interact with the new system in a real-world environment, Belmore Digital facilitated the early detection and rectification of bugs and technical issues. This proactive approach significantly reduced the number of initial bugs encountered post-launch.
  2. UX Enhancement: Through live beta testing, users had the opportunity to experience the revamped website firsthand, providing valuable insights into its usability and navigational flow. This feedback was instrumental in fine-tuning the UX design and ensuring an intuitive browsing experience for the target audience.
  3. Pre-Launch Optimisation: By addressing user concerns and optimising the site’s functionality before its global rollout, Belmore Digital helped minimise disruptions and mitigate potential complaints from users accustomed to the old system. This proactive approach created a smoother transition and better overall user satisfaction.

Additionally, Belmore Digital collaborated closely with the client’s development team, leveraging its expertise in digital marketing and SEO to optimise the site’s performance and visibility in search engine results. This comprehensive approach ensured that the client’s revamped website not only met technical standards but also aligned with industry best practices in digital marketing and user experience.

Anonymised Work Examples

Enhancement of user experience (UX) through strategic design and functionality improvements, aimed at providing consumers with a more intuitive and satisfying interaction with the client’s digital platform.

Refining website features and operations to facilitate seamless navigation and effective user engagement, elevating the overall consumer experience on the client’s digital platform.


The collaborative efforts between Belmore Digital and the client culminated in a successful relaunch of Australia’s leading consumer information website. Thanks to the meticulous planning and execution of the live beta testing strategy, the client witnessed:

  • Reduced User Complaints: The proactive approach to user engagement and feedback solicitation resulted in significantly fewer complaints from users regarding the transition to the new system. By addressing concerns upfront, Belmore Digital helped foster a positive reception for the revamped website.
  • Minimised Technical Issues: The thorough beta testing phase facilitated the identification and resolution of technical bugs and glitches before the global launch. As a result, the client experienced fewer post-launch disruptions and was able to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Improved User Experience: Incorporating user feedback into the website redesign process led to enhancements in UX design and navigational flow. Users reported a more intuitive browsing experience, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction with the platform.

In summary, Belmore Digital’s strategic approach to digital marketing and SEO consultancy proved instrumental in facilitating a seamless transformation for the client. By prioritising user feedback and pre-launch optimisation, JB and the team at Belmore Digital successfully navigated the complexities of the project, ultimately delivering tangible improvements and driving positive outcomes for Australia’s leading consumer information website.

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