Belmore Digital, a leading Digital Marketing, SEO, Email and CRM Consultancy led by JB, was approached by one of the world’s largest Email and CRM companies. Despite their industry expertise, the client sought JB’s assistance in comprehending the effectiveness of their email campaigns and identifying avenues for enhancement within their user journey framework.

The client, whose primary focus revolves around email services and CRM solutions, was encountering challenges in optimising their sign-up and subscription processes. Additionally, they sought insights into their campaign performance in the market as well as a comparative analysis with competitors.

Actions Taken

JB began the project by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s existing email campaigns and CRM strategies. This involved investigating the sign-up and subscription procedures to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. By leveraging best-practice knowledge and industry expertise, JB provided invaluable insights into the performance of the client’s campaigns and their standing in comparison to competitors.

Based on this analysis, JB formulated a meticulous email and CRM strategy aimed at addressing the identified shortcomings and optimising performance. Key areas of focus included:

  1. Enhanced Sign-up Process: JB proposed refinements to the client’s sign-up and subscription processes to streamline the user experience and encourage higher conversion rates.
  2. Email Content Optimisation: Understanding the importance of engaging content, JB recommended custom improvements to the client’s email content strategy. Content was personalised based on the user’s propensity to engage and respond, thereby enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.
  3. Retention and Recovery Strategies: Recognising the significance of subscriber retention, JB devised strategies to target improving subscriber retention rates and facilitating the recovery of lost subscribers. This involved implementing targeted measures to nurture leads and foster long-term customer relationships.

Anonymised Work Examples

Creation of detailed user personas to understand the diverse audience segments and tailor email campaigns effectively.

Analysis of email engagement metrics to identify the target audience’s preferences and optimise content for better readability and response.

Visualisation of the customer journey through email interactions, mapping touchpoints to enhance engagement and nurture leads towards conversion.

Assessment of the email subscription process to streamline user experience, making it seamless and enticing for visitors to sign up for newsletters or updates.


The implementation of JB’s custom strategies presented significant improvements for the client. By optimising the sign-up process and refining email content, the client observed an impressive increase in user engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, the implementation of retention and recovery strategies contributed to creating subscriber loyalty and driving sustained growth within the marketing funnel.

In conclusion, through JB’s expertise and strategic guidance, the client successfully overcame their email and CRM challenges, achieving great improvements in campaign performance and user engagement. This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of data-driven insights and targeted strategies in optimising digital marketing efforts.

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