Belmore Digital, a leading Digital Marketing, SEO, and Paid Social Media Consultancy, collaborated with a small independent New Zealand subscription box provider operating in the health and wellness market. The client wanted to optimise their business operations to meet capacity demands efficiently while expanding their market reach and increasing sales. With a focus on health and wellness products, the client wanted to leverage digital marketing strategies to boost their brand visibility and customer engagement.

Actions Taken

JB, the expert behind Belmore Digital, undertook a thorough approach to address the client’s objectives. Leveraging a deep understanding of digital marketing dynamics, JB implemented a strategic blend of techniques to amplify the client’s online presence and drive conversions. Key actions included:

  1. Paid Social Media Advertising: JB started custom paid social media advertising campaigns, meticulously designed to resonate with the target audience. By employing creative techniques, psychological triggers, and audience segmentation strategies, JB ensured that each campaign was finely tuned to capture attention and stimulate engagement.
  2. Campaign Optimisation: Continuous monitoring and optimisation of campaigns were prioritised to ensure optimal performance. JB regularly refreshed campaign content and adjusted targeting parameters, leveraging insights from response testing to refine strategies and maximise ROI.
  3. Budget Allocation: Strategic budgeting was implemented to allocate resources effectively across various advertising channels. By optimising budget allocation based on campaign performance and audience behaviour, JB ensured that the client’s advertising spend showed the highest possible returns.
  4. Timely Execution: Campaign timing played a crucial role in capitalising on peak engagement periods and maximising impact. JB meticulously scheduled campaign launches and content updates to coincide with opportune moments, enhancing visibility and driving conversions.

Anonymised Work Examples

Comprehensive analysis of website performance data, providing insights to optimise paid social media advertising strategies for maximum returns.

Management and optimisation of Facebook advertising campaigns through Ads Manager, ensuring targeted audience reach and efficient budget allocation to maximise returns on investment.


The collaboration between Belmore Digital and the client presented remarkable results, significantly exceeding expectations. Through the implementation of strategic digital marketing initiatives, the client experienced the following outcomes:

  • Substantial Sales Growth: The targeted paid social media advertising campaigns led to a significant increase in sales, driving revenue growth for the client. By effectively reaching and engaging with the target audience, the client was able to capitalise on market demand and expand their customer base.
  • Enhanced Subscription Rates: The optimised digital marketing strategies facilitated an uptick in subscription rates, fostering long-term customer relationships and recurring revenue streams for the client.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: By maximising capacity utilisation and streamlining product delivery processes, the client was able to enhance operational efficiency and meet customer demands effectively.

In summary, Belmore Digital’s strategic approach to digital marketing, spearheaded by JB, made it possible for the client to achieve unparalleled success in the competitive health and wellness market. Through a combination of innovative techniques, meticulous campaign management, and data-driven optimisation, the client was able to realise their business objectives and establish a strong foothold in their industry.

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