Belmore Digital, a digital marketing, SEO, and content marketing consultancy led by JB, collaborated with a prominent Australian Insurance conglomerate. This conglomerate operated multiple brands within similar insurance markets. The client expressed concerns regarding the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts, particularly in terms of SEO impact and broader visibility and traffic generation.

Actions Taken

JB initiated an analysis of the client’s content marketing strategy. Recognising the need for precise and insightful data, JB devised a groundbreaking approach. He developed a custom software solution capable of retrieving data from Google to evaluate the visibility and amplification of the client’s content across various distribution channels.

This bespoke software was a pioneering innovation in the market, designed specifically to address the client’s unique requirements. Through its implementation, JB was able to ascertain crucial insights into the performance of the client’s content distribution efforts.

The software provided valuable findings, revealing that the content distribution strategies employed by the client were indeed effective. It confirmed that the content pieces were being listed by designated platforms and subsequently amplified by secondary and tertiary sources. Moreover, despite encountering a minor hacking incident, the redistributed content continued to add value, contributing to the client’s brand visibility and market presence.

Furthermore, JB’s analysis highlighted a correlation between the performance of content pieces and positive outcomes in terms of SEO rankings, traffic generation, and brand visibility. By leveraging these insights, JB was able to offer strategic recommendations to optimise the client’s content marketing approach and improve its overall impact.

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Detailed examination of the client’s content marketing strategy, focusing on key metrics and insights to refine and enhance their approach for better audience engagement and business outcomes.


As a result of Belmore Digital‘s consultancy, the client witnessed significant improvements in various key metrics. The refined content distribution strategies led to enhanced visibility, increased website traffic, and improved brand recognition within the target market. Moreover, the correlation between effective content pieces and positive SEO outcomes underscored the value of JB’s innovative approach.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Belmore Digital and the Australian Insurance conglomerate exemplifies the effectiveness of tailored digital marketing solutions in driving tangible business results. Through strategic analysis and innovative methodologies, JB and his team demonstrated their ability to address complex challenges and deliver measurable success for their clients.

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