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Getting Up The last few weeks, I have been beavering away, sorting out all the elements to launch this site: hosting, CMS (WordPress), Plugins, Theme Updates, Social Media Accounts, image sizes, fonts, analytics, schema – all sorts! It is all a work in progress, built agile rather than waterfall – key things are up… Read More

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  Please use this page to get in touch, ask a question, request more information, or just start a discussion. Follow or Connect with Jeremy Beckett / Belmore Digital I’d love to connect in a variety of ways, or if you’re feeling shy (I don’t bite), you can always follow me: Jeremy Beckett on LinkedIn @BelmoreDigital… Read More

Belmore Digital Clients

  These are the clients I have worked with in recent years on significant digital marketing projects. Banking and Finance Sector Products covered: Credit Cards Home Loans Transaction & Savings Accounts Personal Loans Business Banking Corporate & Institutional Banking Private Banking Commercial Finance Commonwealth Bank Australia’s biggest bank and financial institution. ANZ Bank Australia’s 2nd… Read More

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About Jeremy Beckett I am a highly experienced digital marketer & consultant with wide-ranging technical, marketing and commercial skills and knowledge built over 20 profitable years online. I have a strong track record in increasing profitability / ROI of digital properties by analysing and creating streamlined, effective solutions to maximise knowledge, innovation and technology inputs. I’ve… Read More