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Soft Site Launch

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Getting Up The last few weeks, I have been beavering away, sorting out all the elements to launch this site: hosting, CMS (WordPress), Plugins, Theme Updates, Social Media Accounts, image sizes, fonts, analytics, schema – all sorts! It is all a work in progress, [...]

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Communication is Key. Please use this page to get in touch, ask a question, request more information, or just start a discussion. Book a Free 30-Minute Consultation with Jeremy Beckett / Belmore Digital It's best to see and know the information [...]

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Jeremy Beckett ( JB ) I am Jeremy Beckett, a highly experienced digital marketer & expert SEO consultant & information architect with wide-ranging technical, marketing and commercial skills and knowledge built over 20 profitable years online. I have a strong track record in increasing the [...]

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Belmore Digital Expert Digital Marketing and SEO Consultancy > Digital Marketing > Business and Digital Strategy > Digital Transformation > Data Creativity BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION NOW LET’S WORK TOGETHER! VIRTUAL CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER (VCDO) Transform, innovate and [...]

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