AI is reshaping content creation, offering efficiency but also posing challenges for creatives. Trust and relationship-focused content is crucial in an era of mistrust. Video remains a powerful tool for building connections, despite AI’s limitations in its creation. Embrace the shift in paradigms; hopium won’t change the reality. While interactive content murmurs persist, its widespread adoption remains uncertain. Stay agile and adapt to the evolving landscape for lasting success.

AI Comes of Age (Nearly)

For some, AI is a saviour. It enables rapid creation of good quality content across any number of topics quickly, easily and efficiently. This is the reality. For others, it’s a death-knell, putting their intelligent content creation methodology and billable hours at risk. That’s the downside.
AI and its usage is still forming. Currently it’s being used willy-nilly for almost anything imaginable, and some of the results are not that great. It will settle down, become more boring and roles will still exist for the creatives, but they will be in editing text, or ideating / crafting prompts. AI is not going to go away, that genie is out of the bottle, so it’s time to find your niche within it.

Trust & Relationship Content Needed

We’ve gone through a very mistrustful time. We’re finding it harder to form bonds with others. So we look for trust and relationships in other places. Namely through content and creators, whether it be text, video, audio, or visual, this year and for the next few we are going to love content that enables us to trust it and its creator.
Create content content that people can believe in. This is why solely AI content is not the future, but content with a soul is.

Video – Go Short & Go Long

Video seems to have received yet more boosts from each of the platforms. This means we need to create more video content. It also helps to build trust and relationships with audiences, and is still a struggle to create with AI.
It is intense to create video, but it does not need to be film / TVC quality (in fact, it’d probably be better if it wasn’t). Create 15-60 second shorts and build them into a long form video, or create a short, use it as the summary and expand on the topic in the long-form.


Hopium content is the content that’s being currently created by the people who do not want to believe that the paradigm has shifted. They decry AI, or video, or whatever, and hope beyond hope that the world will return to their safe space after its little dalliance.
It’s not. Like the newspapers of the 90s, it’s time to get with the program, do not get left behind again.

Interactive Content… Maybe

I’ve seen a lot of murmurs around interactive content. Personally I think this is from the same stable as the metaverse true believers. It may happen in small pockets and small niches, but it’s not going to appear at scale yet (beyond a few flashy presentations).
Maybe next year….


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