Digital Trend 2024 for Conversions and CRO: AI is revolutionising conversions with copywriting, data analysis, and chatbots. While personalisation is advancing, it’s not perfect yet. Simplify forms and checkouts for smoother customer experiences.


AI: All Singing, Not Quite Dancing

AI for Conversions? Think copywriting, data presentation, coding for changes, all of which can be done by AI. You could probably also ask it to analyse content and make suggestions, but I am not sure it is quite there yet (or I haven’t seen the examples), but it will happen. So, embrace AI, use it to run more tests, more quickly and to analyse and innovate more.

Personalisation? Hmmm.

The world and its aunt thinks we’ll have personalisation for CRO. And yes we will but not to the extent you might imagine. Think colour swaps, button swaps, tests that run, and which may seem personalised, but actually you’re just part of the cohort. it’s good, but it’s still not that good, yet.

Chatbots – Nearly There

Thanks to AI, chatbots have got way, way better. They can almost talk in natural language now and answer natural language questions. Of course, it comes with a cost, you either need to have documentation detailed, or be prepared to write lots, or let the AI bot roam your website to extract the information. Naturally, you need to test, but the makers of these bots are very keen to highlight how much they add to conversions. Get them while they’re hot.

Shorter Forms: KISS

I cannot believe it is 2024 and I’m still telling people to shorten their forms. But here we are. In this year, 2024, it will be important to conversions to shorten your forms. Most people are on mobile these days and form-filling on mobile is still a right royal pain in the what-not. Grab essential information only and collect the rest when you validate them as a customer.

Simplifying Checkout: KISS Again

In a similar vein, I can’t believe it’s 2024 and I’m still telling people to simplify their checkouts, but here we are. In the year 2024 please shorten your checkouts. Make it easy as pie to buy from you, enable Apple or Google Pay, allow one-click ordering, just reduce the amount of friction between “hmmm I like that” and “yay, I’ve bought it”.


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