Ensure your emails reach your inbox by authenticating your domains. Data security and privacy are paramount, especially with stricter regulations. With tracking challenges like ATT, focus on building subscriber lists. While personalisation tools promise much, true customer-centricity requires understanding and authentic conversations. Guide your customers through seamless flows to enhance engagement and drive action.

Authentication Or Else

Being authentic is a big thing in digital, and now it’s reached email. You should by now have authenticated your domains using DKIM, SPF and DMARC. If you haven’t, then it is possible your emails sent to major platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are being blackholed, i.e., they do not even make it to the spam folder. Or they are going to the spam folder if you’re lucky.
If you don’t know if your emails are authenticated, check today. If they aren’t, get them authenticated, and don’t delay.

Data Security & Privacy Please

Emails are one of the big things when we talk about Data Security and Privacy (endlessly). People hate spam, providers hate spam, and hackers love it, though. Privacy breaches cost trust in your organisation and lead to lower sales. Make sure your emails and CRM are locked up, that you meet compliance regulations where you operate, and that you require good data security habits from your staff, providers, vendors, and customers.

Harder To Reach, ATT Not Helping

Customers will be harder to track and reach this year thanks to cookies, Apple’s ATT and other privacy initiatives. You need to ensure you are encouraging users to become part of your gang, your subscribers. You cannot rely on tracking them around the web anymore. Get users to subscribe (and then treat their data securely).

Customer Centricity & Personalisation

For the 18th year in a row we are going to be customer-centric and have personalisation. We’re not. The sellers of those tools would have us believe that we are going to have those, but nope, still not.
So, be customer-centric. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Imagine their issues and their journeys. Map them and personalise the stages of the journey to those issues. There will be very little programmatic personalisation from here unless you have users signed up.

Conversations & Flows Rising

Imagine this: a conversation with your customers. More and more, they want useful, authentic experiences. Somewhat surprisingly, a good AI chatbot can give some of that, but nothing matches a conversation, talking on their level about things that affect them.
The other big thing is flowing, and this is an extension of conversations, but guided flows get people to do things, sign up, look at more products, and buy. If you are not using them in your CRM, you should be.


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