This week’s update casts a gimlet eye over Google’s latest AI Overview changes, customer loyalty motivations, mobile indexing issues, LinkedIn’s new video ads and AI tools for B2B, and optimising your email programs. A mix of AI enhancements, marketing strategies, and practical tips to keep your digital efforts sharp and effective. Read on and let’s get cracking.

Google’s AI Overviews Get a Downgrade

Google’s latest tweaks to its AI-generated search result overviews might just be the change we didn’t know we needed, in some ways. In their never-ending quest to perfect user experience, Google’s AI will now serve up more concise and relevant overviews. The move aims to reduce fluff and get straight to the point, which, let’s face it, is a refreshing change in a world drowning in information. In doing so, they have reduced the visibility from something like 80% of search queries to 15%. However, given the nature of search queries, it;s hard to see how they ever generated responses for 80% of them.

While this sounds like a win for users, it does raise a few eyebrows for SEO professionals. Less content in overviews means fewer opportunities to shine in snippets. It might be time to revisit your content strategy and focus on delivering high-value, concise information, geared towards appearing in AI Overviews.

This is where a solid SEO strategy comes into play. If you need to rethink your approach in light of these changes, let’s chat.

The 5 Motivations Driving Customer Loyalty

A fascinating dive into the psyche of customer loyalty reveals five core motivations that every marketer should know. From emotional connections to the desire for status, understanding these motivations can help tailor your marketing strategies to keep customers coming back and staying loyal.

Personalised marketing isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. By tapping into these motivations, you can create campaigns that resonate on a deeper level. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about building a relationship.

Need help tailoring your acquisition campaigns to foster loyalty? Our digital marketing services can equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

Mobile Indexing Woes: Google’s Final Reminder

Google has issued its final reminder about the importance of mobile-first indexing. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly by now, you’re not just behind the times – you’re risking significant drops in search rankings, especially if your site cannot be crawled by Googlebot’s smartphone crawler. Making your site crawlable is Tech SEO 101.

This isn’t a new message, but it’s one that bears repeating, especially as I still have it with customers most days: mobile usability isn’t optional anymore; it’s critical.

Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly can make a significant difference in how your audience interacts with your content and, ultimately, in your search visibility.

Need a mobile-friendly site? Our web development services can help ensure your site meets all the necessary criteria, and be SEO-friendly to boot.

LinkedIn Expands Video Ads and AI Tools for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is stepping up its game with expanded video ads and new AI tools designed specifically for B2B marketers. This move aims to help businesses better engage with their target audience through more dynamic and personalised content.

Video content is increasingly becoming a key player in marketing strategies, and LinkedIn’s enhancements offer more opportunities to capture attention and drive engagement. The addition of AI tools can also help streamline campaign management and improve targeting.

Ready to improve your LinkedIn strategy? Explore our social media marketing services to make the most of these new features.

Optimising Your Email Program: Sweet Spots and Tipping Points

Optimising your email marketing program isn’t about sending more emails; it’s about finding the sweet spot that keeps your audience engaged without overwhelming them. This article explores the tipping points in email frequency and content that can make or break your campaigns.

Understanding your audience’s preferences is key. Too many emails can lead to unsubscribes, while too few can result in missed opportunities. Striking the right balance requires testing, analysis, and a keen understanding of your audience’s behaviour.

If you’re struggling to find that balance, our email marketing services can help you optimise your strategy for better results.

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