This week’s update brings you a mix of AI enhancements in search, a milestone for Netflix’s ad tier, TikTok’s new video experiment, and some unsettling news from Google’s deindexing spree. Keep up with the latest to stay ahead in the digital marketing game.

Search Advertising Benchmarks for 2024

Search Engine Land has just dropped the latest benchmarks for search advertising in 2024. If you’re keen on knowing where your ads stand in comparison to industry standards, this is the report for you. Read the full article here.
The report delves into key metrics like click-through rates, cost per click, and conversion rates across various industries. While some sectors have seen a dip, others are thriving. This comprehensive overview is essential for adjusting your ad strategies and ensuring you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
In my opinion, benchmarking is a vital practice, but it’s crucial not to obsess over it. Use these benchmarks as a guideline to tweak your campaigns, not as a rigid standard. If you’re seeing underperformance, it might be time for a campaign audit.
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Google Rolls Out AI Overviews for More Complex Searches

Google’s latest AI update aims to simplify complex searches by providing more comprehensive overviews. This is part of their ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and streamline information retrieval. Read the full article here.
This feature is designed to provide users with a detailed snapshot of their query, pulling information from various sources. It’s a step towards making search results more intuitive and useful, especially for multi-faceted questions.
From a digital marketing perspective, this could mean more visibility for your content if it’s rich and comprehensive. Ensuring your site’s content is thorough and well-structured will be key to taking advantage of this new feature. You have to be in it to win it.
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Netflix Ads Tier Hits 40 Million Subscribers

Netflix’s ad-supported tier has reached a whopping 40 million subscribers, proving that a cheaper, ad-included option has a significant market. Read the full article here.
This milestone shows that users are willing to trade a few ads for a lower subscription fee. For advertisers, it opens up a vast new audience segment to target. It’s a clear signal that ad-supported models can thrive alongside traditional subscription services.
For marketers, this is an opportunity to diversify your ad spend. Consider testing campaigns on Netflix’s platform to reach a broad, engaged audience. As always, measure performance and adjust your strategies accordingly.
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TikTok Testing 60-Minute Video Uploads

In a surprising move, TikTok is experimenting with 60-minute video uploads, significantly longer than their previous limits. Read the full article here.
This test could transform the platform from quick entertainment to a long-form content hub, competing with the likes of YouTube. It’s an intriguing development that could change how brands approach TikTok marketing.
For businesses, this means more opportunities to tell your story, showcase products, or engage with your audience in-depth. It’s worth keeping an eye on how this test progresses and preparing to adapt your content strategy accordingly.
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Google Deindexing URLs: A February 2024 Horror Story

Google has been deindexing URLs en masse since February 2024. This could have serious implications for your site’s visibility and traffic. Read the full article here.
The reasons behind this mass deindexing are still unclear (apart from being related to the slew of core updates over the last 6-8 months), leaving many site owners in a state of confusion and concern. If your site has been affected, it’s crucial to address it promptly to avoid significant traffic losses.
Firstly, check your Google Search Console for any warnings or notifications. If you notice a drop in indexed pages, it will be time to conduct a thorough site audit. Address any potential issues and ensure your site complies with Google’s guidelines.
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