Big changes in the digital landscape this week! Google finally deletes Universal Analytics, YouTube reveals AI-driven ad insights, social search reshapes brand engagement, Reddit debuts Conversation Ads, and Facebook warns about phishing threats. Stay ahead with the latest and greatest important updates from yours truly, JB.

Universal Analytics Data Deletion Imminent

Google will permanently delete all data from Universal Analytics on July 1. This means any historical data still lingering in your old Universal Analytics account will be gone for good. If you need to preserve any of this data for future reference or analysis, you must download and save it before the deadline.

Procrastinators, this is your final wake-up call! While most have already transitioned to GA4, losing valuable historical data because you didn’t act in time is a pain no one needs. Make sure to export your reports and raw data to keep your records intact.

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YouTube Ads: The AI Frontier

YouTube’s latest AI analysis of 8,000 top ads has unveiled significant trends, providing brands with valuable insights into effective ad strategies. Key findings show that ads using emotional storytelling, short and punchy content, and those featuring user-generated content are performing exceptionally well. Ads targeting younger demographics, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are seeing higher engagement when they include diverse representation and authentic messaging. This is extremely similar to information we discussed in JB’s Digital Trends 2024 – always nice to be right :-)

Brands should take note of these trends and consider incorporating more emotional and concise elements into their ads. The AI findings emphasise the importance of understanding viewer preferences and adapting content accordingly. Brands aiming to connect with younger audiences should focus on authenticity and representation in their ads.

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Social Search: The New Frontier for Brands

Social search is transforming how brands engage with audiences, blending social media dynamics with search engine functionalities. This evolution means users are now turning to platforms like Instagram and TikTok to search for products and services, making social search a critical touchpoint for brands.

To capitalise on this trend, brands need to optimize their social profiles and content for searchability within these platforms. This involves using relevant hashtags, engaging visuals, and interactive content. Also, whisper it softly, but it also includes *keywords*. Shock, horror.

For brands, this means an opportunity to directly influence purchasing decisions and enhance brand visibility directly in social.

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Reddit’s Conversation Ads: A Game Changer

Reddit has introduced a major update to its ad offerings with Conversation Ads, which appear within discussion threads. This new ad format promises higher engagement by placing ads directly within the context of user conversations, making them more relevant and less intrusive. Of course, if you’ve surfed forums at all in the last 10-15 years you will have seen these types of intra-thread ads (which work very well).

Advertisers should consider leveraging Reddit’s unique ad placements to reach highly engaged communities. The contextual nature of these ads can lead to better brand recall and interaction and this is a prime opportunity to target niche communities with highly relevant ads.

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Facebook’s Phishing Alert

Facebook has issued a warning about a rise in phishing attacks targeting business accounts. Recently, page owners and administrators have been plagued with relentless “Page Deletion” spams and scams, aiming to trick users into revealing sensitive information. Facebook recommends several protective measures, including enabling two-factor authentication and educating team members about phishing tactics.

Businesses should be proactive in securing their accounts and educating their teams. Regularly update your security settings and stay informed about potential threats.

Given the increase in these threats, and the distinct trouble it can be to reclaim them, safeguarding your accounts is crucial for maintaining your brand’s integrity.

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