Is it the Hokey Pokey or the Hokey Cokey? 📣

✅ More in-out, in-out, shenanigans with OpenAI’s revolving CEO position;

✅ YouTube continues to jig with AdBlockers; 

✅ Google lets Small Business get their own filter for shopping; 

✅ The Search Quality Guidelines from Google get an update for intent;

✅ And B2B curated content FTW! But it’s a hard road to travel. 

🌟All that wrapped up in a handy video and blog post by me, your dancing hamster, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟

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OpenAI Hokey Cokey

Well, as I said last week, there would be more twists and turns to the OpenAI maelstrom (it can’t be a saga, it didn’t have enough chapters). Sam Altman was out, in again, out again and then finally back in as CEO of OpenAI. I presume the final straw was Sataya Nadella explaining that yes, he would have to use a Windows laptop, Teams and he could only code in MS Word from here on in.

What have we learnt from this? Really, that the boards of some or these startups need a shake-up and some more stable hands on the tiller. And that one thing you don’t do is to cheese off your biggest investor. Despite any undoubted denials to the contrary the reality is that Microsoft now pretty much calls the shots at OpenAI – a takeover without any money changing hands. That’s why Sam went back to the shop.

So, OpenAI is effectively MSFTAI. Nice one.

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Open AI Logo

YouTube Goes Sub-Optimal for AdBlockers

YouTube is getting a lot of flack for its aggressive pursuit of AdBlockers. I’ve talked about AdBlockers for many years and it’s now reaching some sort of crescendo (although to be honest, this game of cat and mouse could go on for a while).

The latest twist is that YouTube is now delaying video load times by up to 5 seconds for users with AdBlockers, which is deliberately annoying for them. It also indicates that YouTube knows they are running AdBlockers and could stop access entirely.

I’m pretty neutral on AdBlockers and Ads. Both have their places, ads have become more aggressive and intrusive over time, AdBlockers have also stopped large swathes of the internet from monetising their traffic fairly. I’m also not convinced by the upsell to an ad-free “premium” experience. In a lot of cases you still see ads – blatant or internal.

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Small Business Filter for Google Shopping Results

After a recent modification to Google’s Business Profile allowing you to note yourself as a small-business, Google has now rolled that out as a filter / feature to Google Shopping results in some areas (hope it makes it here to AUS for Christmas).

This is very handy just in time for Christmas and the like when a lot of retail goes through the roof. I don’t think it is policed, so it is possible some people may spam it – does a local franchise of a big brand count as a small business for example?

This is so users who want to spend with small businesses can choose to do so. There isn’t really a “local’ filter you can apply, so the shopping providers may be small but could be located anywhere. I think that’s a missed opportunity for the organic shopping experience (although as a seller you can only show your PMax shopping ads to specific locations).

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Google Shopping

Google’s Search Rater Quality Guidelines Updated

In line with the numerous recent core update, Helpful Content Updates and more recent Reviews Updates, Google has updated its Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

If you’ve not read these before, these are a good insight into what Google is trying to do with the algorithm and search as it back-checks results with humans who actually look at the things. (I’ve always thought this shows the limitations of algorithms, but it is still reassuring(?) to know someone looks at the results occasionally.)

There is a certain beauty in the depth to which Google details its expectations, and also a certain lack of surprise to the wiggle room and play in each type of explanation. Put simply, there is no exact answer, there is a lot of interpretation to what a user is looking to retrieve from a search – whether the intent is plain and simple, complex and nuanced, and everything in between.

Have a good read, but don’t expect to truly find SEO answers in there – think more: this will help me to understand Google’s thinking, so I can produce more helpful content which better matches what Google things its users are looking for.

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Curated Content for B2B

This is a good article detailing the advantages of Curating Content as a method for B2B marketing. Of course, this is something I do with JB’s Digital Update, although not as hardcore and some do.

I’m still on the fence about simple curation. I think it’s extremely hard to do at the kind of scale that’s useful, and the odd LinkedIn repost here are there is not going to cut it. Certainly if you are going to do it, you have to give it time, dedication and some resources. If you’re not genuinely interested in it, you are in for a hard road. I also believe that any form of curation these days needs some personality behind it. Simple, bland, pass-ons are not going to cut it.

It can be a good way to increase your visibility on Social Media, but it can be hard to pick the interesting stories that haven’t already been done to death, or to find a new nuance that isn’t trite and contrived. I like doing it, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend clients do it.

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