This week on JB’s Digital Update: Google’s ranking recipe gets leaked, Google’s AI fails to meet content expectations, mastering GA4’s custom dimensions, Facebook’s non-boomer future unfolds, and LinkedIn trims link previews. Dive into the details and stay ahead in the digital game with actionable insights from JB & Belmore Digital. ➡️➡️➡️

Sneaky Peek at Google’s Secret Sauce

Well, it looks like someone left the backdoor open at Google, and out flew a document detailing the elusive workings of its search ranking algorithm. It’s a rare peek into the kitchen where Google cooks up its search results. The leaked details offer some juicy bits about how they prioritise and process web content.
While most of it is tech detail, almost unintelligible to the layperson, there are actionable insights for those who know where to look. For marketers and webmasters, understanding these nuances could mean the difference between the front page and the digital abyss. It’s a good reminder of the importance of staying agile and informed in SEO practices.
For those diving deep into SEO or just sprucing up their websites, it’s worth a discussion on how you can use this new knowledge to stay a step ahead of Google’s ever-evolving algorithm. Interested in beefing up your site’s visibility? Let’s talk SEO.

Google’s AI Overviews: Expectations vs. Reality

The new trend in Google’s AI-generated content overviews isn’t living up to the hype, according to the brains at Moz. It appears the promise of AI to revolutionise search results is more of a mixed bag. The technology is there, but the finesse? Accuracy? Usefulness? Not so much.
This sheds light on the gap between AI capability and human touch – a gap that seems to widen when subtlety and depth are required. It’s a cautionary tale for those looking to replace human creatives with machines. There’s still a strong case for human intuition and expertise, especially in crafting messages that resonate.
Think your content strategy could use a more personal touch? Let’s enhance your content game together.

Mastering GA4’s Custom Dimensions

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is on everyone’s lips, and if you’re not up to speed, you might find yourself trailing. This latest tutorial from MarTech digs into how to set up custom dimensions in GA4, which is crucial for tailoring data insights to your business’s unique needs.
Understanding these configurations can significantly improve how you track user behaviour and refine your marketing strategies. It’s technical, yes, but also incredibly empowering for those who leverage this data to drive decisions.
If you’re looking to get more out of your digital marketing data analytics and want to ensure you’re not just collecting data, but using it wisely, let’s chat about how I can help with your analytics & performance.

What’s Next for Facebook?

Facebook’s not just changing its logo or adding a new button; it’s reshaping its future by trying to recapture the Young Adult segment of the population. With new initiatives aimed at enhancing user experience for this audience and boosting advertising efficacy for them, the giant is not stepping down from the social media throne anytime soon, at least not willingly.
This evolution presents both challenges and opportunities for marketers, as facebook strays from the silver surfer (boomer) to young millennials / adult Zs. Staying abreast of these changes is crucial to leverage the platform effectively, whether you’re targeting ads or engaging with a community.
Curious about how these changes might impact your social media strategy? Let’s strategise together.

LinkedIn Cuts Down on Link Previews

LinkedIn is trimming the fat on link previews in organic posts, by shrinking the image preview size, while leaving the sizing for paid content the same. What does this mean for your content visibility and user engagement? Potentially a lot, unless you pay. It’s a nudge towards more thoughtful content curation and presentation on the platform, and pay-to-play as well.
For marketers, it’s crucial to understand how these changes affect the visibility of shared or paid content and to adjust strategies accordingly. More than ever, clarity and conciseness (or budget) will be your allies.
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