Lendi: An Amazing Belmore Digital Client

Welcome to Belmore Digital, where we specialise in delivering innovative digital marketing solutions designed to meet the unique objectives of businesses across various industries. Let’s introduce our valued client, Lendi, a leading player in the financial services sector, specialising in mortgage broking and home loan solutions.

About Lendi

Lendi is a leading financial services provider specialising in mortgage broking and home loan solutions. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Lendi offers personalised advice and innovative solutions to help individuals and families secure the best mortgage options for their needs. From first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, Lendi’s dedicated team provides expert guidance and support throughout the home loan process. With a focus on integrity and professionalism, Lendi continues to be a trusted name in the Australian financial market, helping clients achieve their homeownership goals with confidence and ease.

Project Overview with Lendi

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Lendi on various digital marketing endeavors, aligning with their industry to ensure optimal outcomes.

SEO Measures:

Analytics & Performance:

  • Strategy & Implementation: We devised a strategy and implemented various tactics to enhance analytics and performance. This included selecting the right platforms, setting up quick wins, establishing performance baselines, optimising existing systems, and configuring conversion and event tracking for better insights.

Development & Technology:

Training & Upskilling:

Project Results

Our collaboration with Lendi resulted in significant advancements across multiple facets of their digital marketing strategy. By aligning our SEO efforts with Lendi’s business objectives through clear KPIs and objectives, we achieved swift improvements in search visibility and performance. Thorough keyword research and persona development custom content and messaging to resonate effectively with Lendi’s audience, while competitor analysis refined strategies for maximum impact in their industry. Technical audits and optimisations ensured optimal website performance, complemented by content enhancements and authority-building strategies. Through detailed reporting and insights, we provided Lendi with actionable recommendations for continuous improvement. Our strategic implementation of analytics and performance tactics, along with web development support, further bolstered Lendi’s online presence and functionality. Through tailored training sessions, we empowered Lendi’s team with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and optimize their digital marketing efforts effectively, fostering self-reliance and proficiency.

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