As another year draws to a frantic close, it tends to be a time of reflection as well as (in)digestion. So, in that vein, I’m asking “What’s the best social media platform you’ve used so far to promote your products & services?”

  • Does Facebook still rock your advertising world? Or has everybody left FB and moved to Insta?
  • What about TikTok? Has the 15-second attention span impacted promotions? What was that you were talking about?
  • Is LinkedIn taking names and kicking butt for you? Or is the feed just a mess of emo posts and humblebrag self-promotions?
  • Do we count YouTube as social?
  • Let’s not talk about Twitter for a while, eh?

Whatever your year has been like, I’m interested in what’s worked well for you and what’s proved harder than you first thought. Comment, post, email, or just vibe me.