You Need Help with your SEO: Talk to JB.

Your keywords are not generating traffic or revenue.

We’ve all been there, in that situation where you suddenly realise the golden keywords you thought would do so well are a paltry excuse for an SEO campaign. The only thing to do is to sit down with an expert, like me, and either weed out the poor-performing keywords from a traffic or revenue point of view or recast the net and rebuild the dataset of keywords. I can help with both.

Search engines are not crawling or indexing all of your content.

If Google (other search engines may be available) is not crawling your content, it is not being indexed. Or if it is crawling your content it may not be indexing it. In either situation you will not be getting any rankings or traffic from Google. Lack of crawling may be down to technical issues, like being blocked by robots.txt, or poor JavaScript, or it may simply be lack of links. Indexing may be parsing issues, or even links / authority issues. Finding out what is causing those issues needs expert assistance. Hello.

You’re missing quick win optimisation opportunities.

Quick Wins account for something like 60-70% of optimisation wins. Most of them are relatively straight-forward to find, specify and implement. They usually result in quick uplifts to rankings and traffic and often provide a good framework for further optimisation. Mostly, they are also things that a lot of SEO blogs recommend you should be doing. So why haven’t you? Or, if you have, why haven’t they worked? Let me help find, specify and implement them.

You’ve redesigned and your rankings and traffic have disappeared.

If I had a dollar for every site I’ve known that has been impacted badly by a redesign or rebuild and has come to me for help, I’d have a decent amount of cash. If, however, I had a dollar for every redesign/rebuild I’ve worked on that’s resulted in an uplift in rankings and traffic, then I’d have significantly more cash. Frankly, there’s no reason to lose traffic or rankings during a redesign, but yet I see it happen so often. If it’s happened to you, talk to me about recovery. It’s possible.

Your site is much slower than your competitors.

Let’s be clear, website speed isn’t everything, but it is definitely important. If for no other reason than every % improvement in speed results in a % improvement in commercial performance, you should be making your website fast. Users love speed, Google loves speed (but not at the price of relevancy and utility), everybody loves speed. Let’s make your website fast, and that starts with being faster than your direct competitors.