What’s this about AMP and Speed?

This is an extract from The Week In Search SEO Update for w/e 26th May 2017.

This post contains actionable insights regarding how AMP is ramping up speed and ads, and what you should be doing about it to implement AMP and take advantage of this.

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AMP Ramps Up Speed and Ads


  • AMP is clearly getting to the point of critical mass.
  • Google has recently halved the time it takes to render content from a year ago; the median load time is under half a second. This is mainly from backend technology improvements.
  • Adwords is rolling out AMP landing pages for search ads and integrating backend technology across the Display Network.
  • AMP implementation is clearly beneficial to publishers and users.

TWIS 26 May 2017 AMP Doubles Speed

How to Implement AMP:

  1. Implement AMP. Run, don’t walk.
  2. Be aware of analytics overstating issues surrounding AMP.
  3. In Adwords, sign up for the AMP beta, create AMP Landing Pages and identify them as mobile landing pages in the Adwords interface.
  4. If you would like assistance assessing and understanding the best way to implement AMP, contact me.

AMP & Speed Discussion:

A while ago, I noted that AMP was getting to the point where it was irresistible. It is now inching very close to that point. There are numerous studies stating that organic search visibility, SEO traffic, and conversions increase relative to a speed increase.

There are some issues with the display of pages through AMP. Some JavaScript functions and elements just do not work, mainly because AMP has been built with a stripped-down JavaScript framework as a response to the excessive bloating of web pages with vast JavaScript libraries loaded for simple, or unnecessary functionality.

Of course, quick loading can be achieved with multiple CDNs as well as reduced reliance on JavaScript and end-user processing to render a web page (plain HTML!). However, we’ve all got addicted to fancy web pages, with fancy interactivity, even if they offer a slower or reduced actual experience.

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