SEO in 2024 shifts towards Expert Content, prioritising quality over quantity. With AI’s rise, focus on producing high-quality content that showcases expertise. Embrace the challenge of SGE and AI-driven search results by optimising content for visibility. Social platforms like TikTok are becoming significant search engines, highlighting the importance of social SEO. Despite AI-driven spam, continue creating valuable content. Video emerges as a crucial element for search visibility, so optimise and distribute videos across channels. Adapt to these trends for effective SEO strategies in the evolving digital landscape.

Expert Content – Prove It

SEO in 2024 will be about Expert Content. It always has been to a certain extent, but this year will be super important. To a certain extent, Google and others will start to only trust brands as being experts because… Actually, I can’t think of a valid reason, but it doesn’t change the fact.
Expert content is not 3,000 words of drivel. You can be expert and brief. It’s content written from a very knowledgeable source with the connections made between the entities which make up the topic.
The trouble is – proving you’re an expert without posting from a big brand will get to be more difficult.

SGE & AI – The Future is Not Bright

Gosh, you may have heard of this thing called AI… It’s being used to create content based on prompt briefs, images, and even movies. This means content can be produced at a rate never before seen – or at least readable content.
Some of this content is not very good, and some, frankly is way better than the teams of low-paid content writers were generating. Use AI to create content by all means, but focus on quality output first.
The SGE or Search Generative Experience where Google and others provide a page full of AI driven answers to your queries is a bit of a challenge for SEOs. On the one hand, your expert content might be used to create these answers, with the merest speck of attribution. On the other, they may not have been a revenue generating click anyway. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to play the game. Work out how to get your content into the answers and feast on the click crumbs that may come your way.

Search Elsewhere – Social SEO

After years of Facebook being a very poor search experience, TikTok is seeing an upswing in search activity, as a lot of its user base have almost no experience of searching elsewhere. Since then, and with the advent of AI, social is getting better at textual and contextual searching. Be prepared to optimise your social profiles and social posts because it will help them to get seen, promote awareness and eventually traffic.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Wonderful Spam

With the advent of AI content, the spam farms have kicked it up yet another gear and Google’s search results are allegedly getting worse. This is probably true.
Google has dug its own hole in espousing its views on the “right sort of content” to feature in search. And so, the content farmers have answered in spades.
Google will take action, the farmers will shift, people will get caught in the crossfire and the circle will continue. Carry on creating, optimising, building content anyway: there is no other option.

Video – Just Do It

Video is the next big opportunity for search, especially if text content is going to be harder to compete in. Make sure your videos are optimised, you have them on your website as a key element of the page, use the video across as many channels as you can. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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