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This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 04 August 2017.

Read these tasty morsels of SEO Bits & Pieces for a guide to the lastest SEO shenanigans and tips on how best to deal with these SEO Updates and News.

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Bits & Pieces

  • Commentary from SE Roundtable, noting that Google’s Adwords listings are looking more, and more,  and more like normal, everyday organic listings, Perish the thought.
  • After I’d spent a long time consoling myself that Google hasn’t added a hamburger menu to its mobile pages, what goes and happens? They add a hamburger on mobile! Fortunately these are more account actions, rather than primary navigation options, but still.
  • Googlebot’s crawl limit is now about 200mb. That is an awful lot of page. Or really poorly formed infinite scroll.
  • There was a fair degree of excitement over a small update to the Google quality raters guidelines. Personally, I think these are interesting (having written lots of publication / editing guidelines before) but not earth-shattering. The point of them is to help improve Google’s algorithms, not edit SERPs directly.
  • Apparently, Google tested a version of SERPs last week in which there were no URLs displayed on mobile. This is a bad thing, make no mistake. It makes picking the URL to click a bit more of a lottery, which is silly. I often use a search as a bookmark and know the URL to click rather than the title. It also helps to distinguish between a trusted source and a dodgy source. And I’m not alone.

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