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This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 18 August 2017.

Read the SEO Bits and Pieces for w/e 18 August 2017. They are jam-packed with snippets of SEO juice and wholesome goodness.

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SEO Bits & Pieces

  • URL structure is not important for SEO – says Google. It’s not terribly important, and people spend far too long fussing over it, but I’d still rather have a decently organised URL structure. Especially if it is used to drive the Information Architecture, and other taxonomies.
  • Allergy sufferers may be relieved to know that Google is about to attempt to surface local pollen levels in its search results / local information panel. This is not to be sneezed at.
  • Want to know if your page is mobile friendly, but really can’t be bothered to set up a Google Search Console account? Now all you need to do it query “mobile friendly” and Google will pop up a little test box to run a URL through. Of course, it could be a competitor URL.
  • Google dislikes algorithm monitors, calling them “blackhat scrapers”. Which is a little strong in my opinion, but there you go. I sometimes wonder how much traffic in the Keyword Volume data is actually tool monitoring traffic. I don’t think Google purposely runs interference on these tools yet, but it would probably like to.
  •  In exciting XML Sitemap news, Google says it cares about URLs and Last Modification date in them. Not a surprise, and neither is the fact that they ignore Update Frequency and Priority – most of which have been spammed to death. Pro tip: don’t bother updating your Last Modified if you haven’t actually updated it. All you’ll do is remove Google’s trust in the information and cause them to crawl your site less often.

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The State of SEO Mid-2017 Released

The State of SEO Mid 2017

We recently released the super-exciting The State of SEO in mid-2017. Read it now.

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