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This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 28 July 2017.

Read about the recent big name departures in the SEO industry, and how they don’t mean the end is nigh for SEO.

If you would like to discuss the future of SEO and why it isn’t dead, please feel free to contact me.

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SEO Departures Bring the Doomsayers Out of the Woodwork


  • In the wake of some big name departures from the SEO business, people have been muttering the “SEO is Dead” trope.
  • It’s not – there are lots of talented people still in the business, and lots of wise opinions.
  • Perhaps we won’t have quite such a cult of personality in the future, which might allow better information to shine through.

SEO Departures July 2017

Actions to take:

  1. Carry on as before. Rand Fishkin (Moz) and Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land) haven’t been the driving forces behind their sites for a while.
  2. Carry on reading the wide opinions published by these sites.
  3. Find new people to follow as big as Danny & Rand.
  4. Contact me if you would like to discuss the future of SEO and why it isn’t dead.


Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan were big names in the SEO industry for a long time. Danny had been writing for Search Engine Land since the mid-1990s, Rand had been running Moz since the mid-2000s.

Now they have gone, you would think there might be a gap to fill, but not really in these instances. Danny had been writing less and less for SE Land, same for Rand. He’s almost exclusively been doing Whiteboard Fridays for a while.

In terms of impact, they differ. Danny’s role was more of an observer, but possibly had the greater impact on the industry because he disseminated more change than Rand. Moz has had a huge impact on webmasters. I’ve never been a huge fan. I think the tools are under-weight and the metrics are a bit so-so  – they look good, but they don’t tell the right story.

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The State of SEO Mid-2017 Released

The State of SEO Mid 2017

We recently released the super-exciting The State of SEO in mid-2017. Read it now.

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Thanks for reading. If you would like to discuss what these changes mean for your web property, or would like to know how to implement them, please feel free to contact me.

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