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This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 25 August 2017.

Read about how AMP ads are getting even faster and what you need to do to create the ads, or display those ads on your website to make more money.

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AMP Ads Get Even Faster

Summary – AMP Ads Get Even Faster:

  • The AMP project has now released Phase Two of its world domination plans to help ads get served faster.
  • In this instalment, they have released Fast Fetch technology, which allows the ad request to be made on page load and for AMP ads to be delivered progressively without delaying the ongoing page load.
  • Their claim is that this allows the full page load, inclduing ads to the 850ms faster for 50% of the web, and 2.7s faster for 90% of the web. That’s quick.
  • These systems deliver the AMP ads which were released in Phase One of their plans.

AMP Ads Get Even Faster

Actions to take – AMP Ads Get Even Faster:

  1. If you have the option, create AMP pages. Users much prefer fast-loading pages and websites.
  2. Again, if you have the option use AMP ads to deliver blindingly fast ads to your users, use them. They give higher viewability and click-through, which should mean increased revenue.
  3. If you’re creating ads, or ordering ads to be created, you should be using AMP creative to ensure your ads are seen by as many people as possible.
  4. Click here to contact me to discuss implementing AMP on your website.

Discussion – AMP Ads Get Even Faster:

AMP continues to get faster and faster. Although its stated aim is to be the predominant web serving technology, I still think it is a stop-gap, or stepping-stone technology. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be used in the meantime.

Although many users hate ads blindly, the most annoying thing for users was always delays either in page-loading, or in page-rendering caused by ads served from slooooow servers. That was a function of response time or ad creative size / complexity. It also impacted revenues for publishers, so really, no-one was pleased!

Really, if you want to make money on the web these days, you have to be quick. I do find it slightly amusing that the AMP WordPress site isn’t blindingly quick, however,

More info – AMP Ads Get Even Faster:

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