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Well, I’m shocked, shocked I say.

After making us all think Featured Snippets had been knocked on the head and replaced by Knowledge Panels, Google only go and add more features into the Featured Snippets!

Where will it all end?

Read more in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 8th December 2017.

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Google Adds Features to Featured Snippets

Google Adds Features To Featured Snippets

Key Issues Summary:

Key Actions To Take:

  1. Check your favourite results to see whether your Featured Snippets have disappeared to be replaced by Knowledge Panels, of if they are now “new and improved”.
  2. If they are, check traffic, to see what effect these changes are having, whether it’s up, down or sideways.
  3. If it’s up: hooray! Time to work out how to generate more traffic.
  4. If it’s down: Boo! time to work out how to generate more traffic.
  5. If it;s sideways: Hmmm. Time to work out how to generate more traffic.
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Insights & Discussion:

Ah, Featured Snippets, how the SEO community loves them, the roguishly-handsome traffic-stealing little boxes of inaccuracy.

I had hoped they were disappearing, but it seems Google was just mucking around with us, and they’ll be back hoping to answer more queries incorrectly before you know it.

Over the longer term, you can see Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels becoming one and the same – which is where I think Google wants to go with this.

If it could surface verified and authentic knowledge, as opposed to algorithmically-controlled, but still random, web pages then Google would be a happy bunny.

It would have to deal with fewer sources of knowledge and potential spam, its algorithms would be less negatively focused. Essentially it would return to its roots of searching an academic trove of verified information, and return results quickly.

I do think the web would be a poorer place were this to happen.

Watch this space, it could be a couple of years away..

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