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I’m afraid this is a poor guide from Google.

Still, it leaves more room for people like me who are good at SEO website migrations, especially as people rush towards SSL certificates at a rate of knots with Chrome62 looming.

Read this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 15th Sept 2017 to find out what you should be doing.

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Google Publishes m-dot to Responsive Migration Guide


  • Google: this is poor.
  • The very basic basics are there (create a responsive site, 301 redirects, drop mobile-specific config), but the rest of the useful stuff? Forget it.
  • Really if you want to migrate properly (and it is a website migration) you need to read my post on: How to do an SEO Website Migration Properly.

Actions to take:

  1. Read the Google piece. The read my SEO website migration tutorial. Mine’s much better.
  2. Basically, prepare your move as if you are doing a full website migration. It’s quite important.
  3. Go responsive, but don’t forget to design mobile first.
  4. If you follow Google’s advice only, contact me to help you recover SEO traffic and rankings.
  5. Click here to contact me to discuss migrating your website from m-dot to responsive.


Ahhhh memories. Sometime ago back in 2012 we moved our first major website to a responsive set up, Even then it felt like we were behind the times, and pretty much every migration since has been from an old school desktop site to a new school responsive design, with a few m-dots in the mix.

You need to concentrate on moving to a responsive site in line with Mobile First Indexing as well as going HTTPS while you’re about it. Once you done that, you can leave your web developers alone for a little bit.

More info:

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Mobile First is NOT Mobile Friendly


  • In a bit of a shocker, Google published a rubbish guide to site migrations from m-dot to responsive.
  • At least we know why some webmasters complain of losing traffic and rankings post-migration – they listened to Google.
  • Mind you, apparently they are updating their SEO Guide. This should be fun.
  • Read The State of SEO in mid-2017.
  • Read about how Google’s Mobile First Index is not Mobile Friendly.
  • Finally, get your content ranking well on Google by starting to understand Find Crawl Index.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to discuss what these changes mean for your web property, or would like to know how to implement them, please feel free to contact me.

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