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Yippee!! It’s the SEO Bits & Pieces for 1st December 2017.

How about that as a fantastic way to start your Monday?

Matt Cutts is a bit miffed with Google, but they have launched a donate button for charities directly in SERP.

Read more in this an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 1st December 2017.

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SEO Bits & Pieces 1st December 2017

SEO Bits Pieces 1st December 2017

  • Matt Cutts has had a bit of grumble about how Google links to the 10 blue links from SERPs (not that there’s always 10 of them). Essentially, Google is stuffing too much into the outlink, when it could just speed up everybody’s life and link plainly. This is the second time recently Matt has had a bit of a grumble at Google. Hmmm – next he’ll be moaning about an unjust Manual Action.
  • Google Trends, that much misunderstood data tool, has added data for YouTube, Shopping, News and other Google searches. Cue lots of poorly understood data charts and graphs which don’t show what the presenter thinks they do.
  • If you’re going to have separate mobile and desktop sites and hope you don’t get into too much trouble with the mobile first index, then you need to match your hreflang URLs across devices – so mobile to mobile, and desktop to desktop. It’d be easier if you just had a single mobile-first website.
  • Hooray! Google Local Questions and Answers are now rolling out to Desktop (see Mobile-First, innit?). I have to confess I haven’t seen much action on these in the SERPs I’ve looked at.
  • For a number of non-profits in the US, Google has started to add a “Donate” button to their Knowledge Panel in SERPs. This is no bad thing,  and apparently is a real boon for the charities concerned. This is a good thing. Hopefully, it;s not just for Christmas.
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