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I like this week’s SEO Bits & Pieces.

It ranges across the gamut of small-scale SEO news and updates.

There’s a bit of Google update chatter, a touch of EU vs Google, some tidbits from Google engineers, and a couple of “teaching your grandmother to suck eggs moments”.

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SEO Bits & Pieces

  • Rumours of an update #735. Saturday September 16th, there were big mutterings of an update. And spikes on a lot of the monitoring tools Google had been praising. All quietened down the next day, so nobody was any the wiser really.
  • Google vs EU #10056 – now proposing “rival links” as part of its solution for its little $2.7 billion EU fine issue. Regrettably, these were rejected in a previous attempt to settle the dispute. But who know? Second time lucky!
  • Sometimes, if Google has issues pulling your page for Fetch and Render, it could be indicative of crawling issues. And sometimes not. Non-helpful discussion this. Find Crawl Index.
  • Googlebot doesn’t yet talk HTTP2 because it doesn’t need to. It’s so flipping fast it’s unbelievable. I’m a bit surprised by this. You would have thought Google would want to use HTTP2 mainly in case there were any issues caused by it. Clearly not though.
  • And finally, Gary Illyes  has come right out and said that Responsive websites “don’t really need to worry about the mobile first index”.  Phew.
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