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Here’s this week’s exciting collection of SEO Bits and Pieces.

Dealing with all sorts of future SEO developments in early stages, arcane minutiae of the job and some fun elements.

We’ve got Google and Vogue on Home, Google ignoring links, infinite scroll, WordPress fun and some duplication / canonicalisation issues.

This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017. Read it now.

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Bits & Pieces

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 01 Sept 2017

  • Google is testing a natty new service with the publishers of Vogue to bring Vogue audio content to Google Home. Interesting. You can kind of see how Google might start to monetise Home in the future. Or people could just turn on the radio.
  • Google ignore links to “#” – just plain old hash, or pound, it does nothing with them. Honestly, I sometimes wonder where webmasters dream up these inane questions from.
  • Apparently, Google is testing Infinite Scroooooooolllll in mobile search. I can’t believe they haven’t tested that at some point in the past. I struggle to see how it will benefit users. Infinite scroll is usually beneficial when you *want* to carry on seeing something. Go past about result 30 in Google and it’s almost purespam.
  • Another one from the silly questions pile: the wordpress tags, noopener and noreferrer, which cause a fair amount of distress it seems, do not affect your search rankings according to John Mu. Sighs of relief could be heard all across the country.
  • This is an interesting but mildly arcane thread on how, or rather where, Google deals with some duplicate content issues. Key point to note is that canonicalisation of content is done by an auction process and it is “quasi-permanent”. You really need to get your content crawled and indexed by Google first.
  • Screenshots of expandable sitelinks on mobile were posted on Twitter. Personally, I think they look like a dog’s breakfast, but what do I know about design.
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