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I like this week’s SEO Bits & Pieces.

I think there is just the right mix of interesting information, helpful hints and slightly surprising questions that people still ask the Demi Gods of Google.

All in all it’s a nifty little read as an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 29th September 2017.

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SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 29 Sept 2017

SEO Bits & Pieces 29 Sept 2017

  • Rumours of a Google update #934: yet more rumblings from the depths of Google, as it seems various shifts have taken place through September. Either a large update has been rolled out in stages, or various little ones which affect a lot of tracked websites. Or it’s just normal back and forth.
  • Google suggests that when you go HTTPS it really is better to do the whole website at once. Actually let me rephrase that… what sort of madman would think of doing it any other way?
  • Google Local Finder is now picking up on website mentions of generic keywords, and not just terms in business names, and then showing them in the results pack. Interesting, and probably a display enhancement rather than an underlying algorithm update.
  • Hmmm, there’s been an uptick in the number of AMP pages listed in the mobile results recently, between 14% and 33%. Perhaps a case of more queries displaying AMP results, or possibly more AMP content being made available by publishers.
  • One from the Silly Questions Drawer: apparently John Mu had to explain that Google rankings may vary across country domains, as the competition is different etc. At times I despair of my “colleagues”.  If the person asking was an SEO they should find another job. If the person asking was a site owner, they should find an SEO to help them.
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