AI is reshaping social media, driving content creation, moderation, and more. Meta’s shift towards AI underscores its significance. Threads emerges as a contender amid Twitter’s uncertainty. Facebook and Instagram cater to diverse markets but face engagement challenges. Meanwhile, TikTok expands its offerings, positioning itself as an all-in-one platform. Influencers navigate changing platforms, highlighting the importance of diversification. Stay ahead in the dynamic social media landscape.

AI Again

AI? Again? Okay so, for social media, AI is going to be important for content creation, content moderation, posting, ideation, and responses.
Having given up on the Metaverse, Meta is now going all in with AI – that should tell you it has a lot to offer.

Threads vs Twitter

With Elon Musk seemingly determined to throw Twitter in the waste basket, Meta’s Threads is on the rise as the remaining text-based social network (yes, there are others, they’re narrow elitists, though).
Musk’s plans for Twitter are vague; he says he wants it to be the “everything app”, like WeChat in China, which I struggle to see due to his leadership. I half think he wants it to be the Fox News of social, the right-wing safe space, and if he does that, he’ll have a lot of audience and ad dollars sewn up.
Threads is different to X and other apps. It’s not trying to be a direct replacement for the breaking news junkies, but it does seem to be doing fairly well at the moment in community-building with a few challenges. It also doesn’t seem to be as influencer obsessed, which is also good.

Facebook & Instagram

Both of these platforms are growing as they expand their reach into different markets. But depending on where you are in the world, or what your interests are, they can either be a busy market square, or a deserted ghost town.
On Facebook, Groups and Marketplace are important and will continue to be. Pushing content into the feed will also be somewhat important. The social side of it in my market, at least, is long gone.
Insta is reeling a little (ho ho). It keeps on tweaking the algo, so that your content is not shown to as many people unless you interact with them, or the platform in some way. It’s not completely community, but it is about engagement.

TikTok Becomes Everything

Meanwhile, TikTok seems to be on its way to becoming the everything app. If it is keen, it’s likely to beat Twitter to that exalted station. Videos are getting longer, so it can compete with YouTube & Facebook, it’s introduced shopping, and all sorts of other bits and bobs.
It’s still the viral king, and it’s easier to get views, likes, and follows on than any other platform. For creators, it’s a no-brainer and so it should be for most businesses, but you’d be surprised how many are still laggards. Get tokking!

Influencers Need Love Too?

There’s a lot of commentary from influencers that the platforms are changing. This is true. Long term, they do not want to have to pay creators for the views they bring. They want people/others to create videos and with those new people, they’ll pay them less.
A number of them are also realising they are trapped on a single platform and at their beck and call. This is not good. Never put your eggs in one basket.
So, form relationships with key people in your field and use that to your advantage. Don’t get sucked into influencer hype, it’s ephemeral and fleeting.

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