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JB’s Digital Update 21st November 2023

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Disruptors have been properly disrupted in this week's digital update 📣 ✅ Open AI sacks (and maybe rehires) CEO Sam Altman; ✅ Muksy's comments start The Great Twitter Xodus 2023;  ✅ Let's talk conversions and behavioural strategies - everyone's doing it;  ✅ Meta & Amazon buddy up to sell directly in-app from the ad; ✅ Google gets really personal in a search hybrid "feed". 🌟All that wrapped up in a handy video and blog post by me, your genial, disruptive, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟 (And don't forget to like, share, follow, subscribe wherever you see this post. It's appreciated.)

JB’s Digital Update 14th November 2023

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It didn’t take 5 months to write this week’s digital update! 📣 ✅ Meta Built Threads in 5 Months - What Were They Doing?;  ✅ Google’s Reviews Update Here But Now Going Dark;  ✅ Amazon in the FTC Naughty Corner this week;  ✅ Google Ads Gives You Full Funnel Options - Use Them; ✅ And remember that email automations are an easy win for CRM. 🌟All that wrapped up in a handy blog post by me, your wise, wizened, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟

JB’s Digital Update 31st October 2023

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The joys of digital for one more week! Google is testing ads in organic results, we go meh; some best practices for Google Ads; changes in social video trends and viewership; Meta, Google Amazon, Microsoft make heaps of money each quarter, Snap, not so much, but thanks for playing; Google continues its shift away from Rich Results without even a hint of self-realising irony. Read on and be educated, informed and entertained!

JB’s Digital Update 1st August 2023

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This week all manner of excitement unleashed itself on Twitter / X / X-TAFKAT as it rebranded itself in a very janky manner - this will be a case study in future years; Google, FB and others had recession-defying ad revenue increases; TikTok is muscling in on text, Google Ads is pushing us inexorably towards Performance Max campaigns, and I go on a bit of a rant about the idiocy of email open rates. Fun!

JB’s Digital Update 23rd May 2023

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This week we have a bit of a yabber about Generative AI Search. Email CTAs, Content Readability and some really groovy stats on Search usage, and PPC benchmarks. Well worth a read, but then I would say that ;-) Don't forget to like, share and follow please!

JB’s Digital Update 13th Dec 2022

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This week's digital update is a cornucopia of tech releases from the majors, a big Google update, and more entertaining Twitter shenanigans. All in delightfully tasteful seasonal wrapping and commentated by JB.

Digital Things of Interest 24 August 2017

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Read these Digital Things of Interest for 24 August 2017, which includes the following fabulous foibles: - Shocking news the people will give up their privacy for a slice of pizza; - The revelation that Amazon basically owns Seattle; - A geeky look at the UX design of the credit card payment form; - Facebook adding publisher logos to news links to combat fake news. #SocialMedia #Facebook #FakeNews #DataPrivacy #Amazon #UX #WebDesign

Millennials Shopping on Voice Devices

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A recent report from Walker Sands has shown that 43% of millennials have shopped in some way via a voice controlled device. It's an interesting stat! Read a summary and some thoughts on the future of voice devices and voice search in this post. If you would like to discuss ways voice devices and voice search could impact your web business, please feel free to contact me. #VoiceDevices #VoiceSearch #DigitalTechnology #TechnologyStrategy

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