Apple Kills Online Advertising (Nearly)

Naughty Apple!

The online advertising industry has over-reached, got fat and lazy, and Apple has put a bit of a stop to it with these latest OS & browser updates.

Or at least put the brakes on it somewhat. For a short time.

In fact, it’ll probably be back to normal by the time I’ve finished my breakfast.

Read the Key Issues, Key Actions and Key Insights in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 6th October 2017.

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TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 6th October 2017

I think the very latest SEO News and Updates for w/e 6th October 2017 make for great reading:

Google Ends First Click Free – Allows Cloaked Spam Instead;

Danny Sullivan Joins Google In “Undefined” PR Role;

Google’s Mobile First Index Has Started Testing;

Apple Kills Online Advertising (Nearly);

More Organic Clicks Going to Paid;

As well as some exceptionally interesting SEO Bits & Pieces.

Read it now.

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Apple Drops Bing For Siri Search

I like the idea of Apple flinging Bing. Nearly as much as I like this story.

It’s not really happening for Bing, as this story expounds. Getting ditched by Apple & Siri is a bit like getting ditched by someone who used to be really famous, but now…

Perhaps Microsoft will truly “pwn” the desktop search market instead.

And perhaps the desktop searchers can meet in the same clubhouse as the Bing User Group,

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SEO Bits & Pieces 25 August 2017

Click to read the latest SEO Bits and Pieces and find out what entertaining things Google and other have been up to.

Contact me to discuss these Bits and Pieces and how implementing them might help your website to rank and perform better.

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Digital Things of Interest 07 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 07 August 2017, which includes:

– Apple hiring mappers – hope they get it right this time;
– PWA vs Native Apps (PWA all the way, let’s hope);
– Email Whaling – things you didn’t know you didn’t know;
– Big infographic about colour, psychology and the web, and I mean big.

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Digital Things of Interest 03 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 03 August 2017, which includes:

– Android dev releases have Chrome’s ad-blocker installed.
– Apple ditches Nano & Shuffle.
– The sad, sad tale of Winamp’s journey to oblivion.
– Facebook advertisers are paying to promote news stories which mention their brand.

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Google Assistant iPhone

Read actionable insights about Google’s launch of Google Assistant, which will integrate with Google Lens, in an effort to let Apple users embrace the full glory of Google’s ecosystem and entice them to dump Siri…

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