Links Still Important For Rankings

Well I never. It turns out that Google still values links.

Or at least that’s what the swishy maths in this swishy report shows.

Read this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 15 Sept 2017 and find out what to make of this report.

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This post discusses Google running into a bit of trouble with links. After going through a period of penalising LinkSpam, Google has been ignoring bad links algorithmically more recently. This has now led to a rise of new spam techniques, especially with the rise in Content Marketing. It’s likely there will be a focus on linking penalties in the near future. 

If you would like to discuss ways Google is ignoring links, and ways to generate good quality back links, please feel free to contact me.

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Google Update 25 June 2017

Read about the reported Google update around 25th June 2017. It’s not been confirmed by Google (they rarely do), and the current chatter is that it focuses on content quality and backlinks.

If you would like to discuss ways the impact this update may have had on your web business, and how to mitigate the potential risks of Google updates, please feel free to contact me.

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Guest Post Link Spam

In this free thought-piece (click the link), you can read actionable insights into the issue of Google Ignoring or Penalising Guest Post Link Spam. There are ways these links could hurt your web business, and ways to get better links.

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Basic SEO Guides External Linking & Mentions

Basic SEO Link Building – Introduction Basic link building and generating external links to a website are the lifeblood of the internet, with mentions a close second. Building links and giving links is key to any website’s organic reach, demonstration of expertise and acquisition of authority. This guide will introduce the basic concepts and first… Read More

The Week In Search SEO News 14 Apr 2017

What’s happened this week? We have Moz Local Ranking Factors Survey, Google showing review numbers, Google Maps Fake Listings, Google disavowing the disavow file and Facebook Instant Article CTAs and more… #GoogleLocal #StarRatings #GoogleSearchConsole #BackLinkProfile #Facebook #InstantArticles #EmailStrategy… Read More