Google Likes Tasty Breadcrumbs

Find out why Google Likes Breadcrumbs so much in this post, and read 6 tips on how to implement them for a bit of crawling and ranking love from Google. Doing this could impact your web business.

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TWIS SEO Update 23 June 2017

There are a few exciting bits of SEO News in this week’s TWIS SEO Update and it is well-worth a few minutes of your time to read: 
– Google For Jobs has gone live in the US; 
– Google Posts is live for SMBs in GMB; 
– Google admits it takes a while to digest major site migrations; 
– Now is the time to ditch your m-dot; 
– Google loves snacking on breadcrumbs; 
– As well as some terrifically transformative Bits & Pieces.

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