How To Improve Your Page Speed

Who wants to make more money? Get more conversions? Have more traffic?

One of the simplest ways to achieve those things is to improve your page speed.

This article tells you how to do it properly by focusing on your infrastructure first.

Read it now, and get on with making your site faster.

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Google My Business Direct Bookings Now Available

Although frustrating that this is US only, local businesses being able to take bookings direct from search is fantastic.

This means local businesses can take at least 1 or 2 clicks out of the funnel, which almost always improves revenue and conversions.

Hopefully, it’ll go global soon.

Read this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 27 October 2017.

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Google Launches Mobile Payments

At long last, Google is getting in on the Mobile Payment action to make our lives easier, and to enable us to buy more stuff, lifting revenue & conversions on the way hopefully.

This will work across Android and Chrome and is similar to Apple Pay & Samsung Pay.

Unfortunately many retailers and still make purchases difficult to transact via your mobile device – too many form fields!

Read this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 27 October 2017.

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TWIS Google My Business Action URLs

Read about how Google My Business has quietly sneaked out action URLs into the GMB dashboard, and find out what the actions you can add are, and how to add them to your Google My Business listing.

Contact me to discuss implementation of this potential conversion-driving conversion feature for your business.

#SEO #GoogleMyBusiness #LocalSEO #Conversions
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Digital Things of Interest 16 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 16 August 2017, which includes:

– Facebook acquiring a German video specialist, possibly for AR;
– Snippets from Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey;
– How a Single Word Drove 161% CTR improvement;
– News that IoT smart locks have been borked by an OTA update. Oops.

#Facebook #MobilePhones #Conversions #IOT #AugmentedReality #GrowthHacking
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Digital Things of Interest 10 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 10 August 2017, which includes:

– Duolingo’s A/B testing & growth-hacking;
– Colour combos in rich, glorious, erm, colour;
– Twitter testing cheap & cheerful ad packages;
– Programmatic dragged through the mud once again.

#GrowthHacking #Conversions #UserExperience #Twitter #Programmatic #DigitalMarketing
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Digital Things of Interest 07 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 07 August 2017, which includes:

– Apple hiring mappers – hope they get it right this time;
– PWA vs Native Apps (PWA all the way, let’s hope);
– Email Whaling – things you didn’t know you didn’t know;
– Big infographic about colour, psychology and the web, and I mean big.

#Apple #PWA #Apps #UserExperience #WebDesign #Conversions
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Digital Things of Interest 01 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 01 August 2017, which includes:

– 3 mistakes people make with CTA buttons, from Gill Andrews;
– The news that Google Photos 3 is out, and it’s sharing your pics automatically;
– 6 mistakes people commonly make with CRO;
– Adobe catches up with the world and realises mobile experiences aren’t all that hot.

#DigitalMarketing #Conversions #CRO #MobileFirst #UserExperience #GooglePhotos
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Google Posts Not Quite Ready

Google Posts is a bit of a disappointment. It looked good, but appears to have been released in Not Quite Ready state. Read about the things that didn’t make it to the production release, making Google Posts “meh”, in its current state.

If you would like to discuss whether you should be using Google Posts and how to take advantage of its current functionality, please feel free to contact me.

#SEO #GooglePosts #GoogleMyBusiness #ProjectManagement

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Google Mobile Test My Site Updated June 2017

Find out about the latest updates to Google’s Test My Site Tool in this post. It’s a link / email magnet, but it does have some handy and redeeming features.

If you would like to discuss the ways page speed could impact your web business, and improve traffic and conversions, please feel free to contact me.

#SEO #MobileFirst #PageSpeed #TechnicalSEO

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Google Posts Live Google My Business

Discover the actions to take to implement Google Posts in Google My Business and the benefits implementing Google Posts could have in your web business (Hint: Linkable Calls To Action & Buttons).

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SEO Mid 2017 Mobile First

Read this thought piece to get an initial understanding of the upcoming Mobile First Index from Google, expected to arrive later on in 2017 / early 2018.

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Yelp Converts Better Than Google or Facebook

Read actionable insights about Yelp converting better than Google or Facebook and how to ensure you’re in the right places to be seen and clicked on.

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TWIS 26 May 2017

Read the TWIS SEO Update w/e 26th May 2017:
– Google Warning About Spammy Article Links;
– An Update to the Google Update of 17th May;
– A study showing Yelp Converts Better than Google or Facebook;
– AMP seriously speeding up pages and ads;
– Information about SEO Over Optimisation;
– And some exceptionally interesting Bits and Pieces.

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