Power of Facebook Video: Insights on Video Marketing


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Video vs. Text Content: The Era of REELS and Popularity

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💡🌐 The debate between video and text content rages on. Ready to elevate your content strategy? ✨📅 Our comprehensive guide breaks down the strengths of each medium and provides a roadmap for leveraging them effectively. 📝🚀

JB’s Digital Update 31st October 2023

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The joys of digital for one more week! Google is testing ads in organic results, we go meh; some best practices for Google Ads; changes in social video trends and viewership; Meta, Google Amazon, Microsoft make heaps of money each quarter, Snap, not so much, but thanks for playing; Google continues its shift away from Rich Results without even a hint of self-realising irony. Read on and be educated, informed and entertained!

Digital Things of Interest 23 August 2017

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Read these Digital Things of Interest for 23 August 2017, which includes the following enlightening exhibits: - A report on how Earned Media drives lead gen and consumer trust ; - Notes on Twist a new comms and collaboration app from the makers; - Interesting reading on when your brain peaks at learning and applying knowledge; - News that Facebook is starting to deal with video spam. #DigitalMarketing #Productivity #Facebook #FacebookVideo #Learning

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