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JB’s Digital Update 17th May 2023

2023-05-18T09:45:53+10:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, Email & Customer Relations, JB's Digital Update, PPC & Paid Social, SEO, Social Media, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

I'm back after a small slice of life getting in the way with another exciting instalment from the coal face of Digital Marketing. In today's exciting episode Google mutters about ways to cope with no cookies and privacy, there's a very long post on language models, some email tips, Facebook waking up and smelling the AI and Google still banging on about PageSpeed. Right. Click the link to read and let's get into it.

JB’s Digital Update 17th Jan 2023

2023-01-16T16:44:53+11:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, JB's Digital Update, PPC & Paid Social, SEO|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

AI content is all the rage this week - with people literally raging at it; Apple is re-launching its Business Connect as Maps gets usable; Data will be quite important this year as cookies fade away; PPC still needs basic attention and GA4 gets more dimensions for ecommerce. Let's get into it, shall we?

JB’s Digital Update 6th Dec 2022

2022-12-06T12:51:47+11:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, CRO and Conversions, JB's Digital Update, PPC & Paid Social, SEO|Tags: , , , , |

JB's update this week brings you: The Metaverse is in the news as some people have heard of it; GA4 (beta) adds old metrics as new ones, your homepage is terrifically important; Microsoft and Twitter both make a play for expanded ad options and business. All lovingly commented on by your genial host, JB. Read it now.

JB’s Digital Update 8th Nov 2022

2022-11-08T21:10:24+11:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Digital Marketing, JB's Digital Update, PPC & Paid Social, SEO News, Social Media|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Yet more excitement emerged at Twitter this week, so much that it's tricky keeping up. Facebook is laying off staff and Google is shutting various things while trying to make GA4 usable. Just another few days in Digital.

Google Ranking Factors: Direct Traffic?

2018-10-17T17:02:08+11:00Categories: SEO|Tags: , , , , , , |

SEMRush caused a bit of a stir when they released their SEO Ranking Factors Study 2017. The big headline conclusion was that Direct Traffic was the biggest factor in SEO rankings. Unsurprisingly, this caused a bit of a furore and wild shouts of correlation does not equal causation. After stopping to think about it, I started to wonder *how* Google would go about using Direct Traffic as a ranking factor, and this post is where it led me. #SEO #SEONews #RankingFactors #SearchRankings #Google

Google Featured Snippets Link to AMP URLs

2017-09-15T20:21:11+10:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , |

Hooray! Google now links to AMP URLs from Featured Snippets. Most of the time. If there's an AMP URL available. And it's on mobile. AMP isn't a criteria for picking a Featured Snippet however. Read what to do about it in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 08 Sept 2017. #SEO #SEONews #FeaturedSnippets #AMP #PageSpeed #GoogleAnalytics

57% of Google Search Traffic Now Mobile

2017-08-29T09:45:55+10:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , |

Click to read about BrightEdge's latest research showing that mobile device traffic now account for 57% of search and how to check the mobile / desktop split in your market sector versus your site's performance. Contact me to discuss how to optimise your site so it appears as often as it should do in mobile search. #SEO #SEONews #MobileSearch #MobileFirst #KeywordResearch #GoogleAnalytics

Google Analytics Ask Intelligence: Disappointing?

2017-07-25T11:49:58+10:00Categories: SEO|Tags: , , , |

Read about the ins and outs of Google Analytics Ask Intelligence and whether or not this new feature is fantastic, or a distracting plaything.   If you would like to discuss ways to implement and set up Google Analytics to track and improve your web business, please feel free to contact me. #Google #GoogleAnalytics #AskIntelligence #KnowYourNumbers

TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 21 July 2017

2017-07-24T18:43:32+10:00Categories: SEO, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , |

In the TWIS SEO News & Updates for w/e 21 July 2017, which you are about to read and enjoy, you will find: - Google Analytics Ask Intelligence; - Leaked Screenshots of Google Search Console Update; - Google Now Becoming a Feed; - Google Search Console Data Change; - Google CTRs Up Significantly for Organic Search; - As well as some mind-bendingly marvellous Bits & Pieces. #SEO #GoogleAnalytics #GoogleSearchConsole #Google #ClickThroughRates

AMP Twitter – Apps Linking to AMP URLs

2018-11-13T15:42:10+11:00Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

AMP is extending its reach, with Twitter apps now linking to AMP variant URLs. It look like AMP is here to stay for a little while. Find out about this move and ways to implement this tricky little beast. If you would like to discuss ways to implement AMP and how it could impact your web business, please feel free to contact me. #SEO #AMP #SocialMedia #Twitter #PageSpeed

SEO News & Updates TWIS w/e 19 May 2017

2018-10-30T11:21:16+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Read the TWIS SEO Update for w/e 19th May 2017 - jam-packed with actionable insights: Google Lens Visual Search announced; Google Assistant Coming to iPhone; Rumours of a Google Update; Google Analytics AMP update; Google Testing Dropping Secondary Listings for Featured Snippets; And some exceptionally interesting Bits and Pieces. #SEO #GrowthHacking #GoogleLens #GoogleAssistant #GoogleAnalytics #AMP #GoogleUpdates #FeaturedSnippets #GoogleIO

SEO News: The Week In Search w/e 17 Mar 2017

2018-10-23T11:24:47+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Google is having a stab at identifying  upsetting or offensive content via its Quality Raters, Google Search Console had a day of missing Google Analytics data, before squeezing organic SERPs further with 6 Google Ads at the bottom . There has also been a study that shows Chrome does not pass URLs for googlebot discovery as well [...]

SEO News: The Week In Search w/e 03 Mar 2017

2018-10-22T19:04:22+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , , , , |

So, this week, we have the joys of over-reported AMP traffic, nestled up nicely against a report about the size of AMP traffic, followed (handily) by a reminder study about mobile speed benchmarking, the sad extinguishing of DMOZ and relief for programmers who use special characters when searching Google. #GoogleAnalytics, #AMP, #PageSpeed, #GoogleSearch, #MetaTags […]

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