TWIS Chrome HTTP Warnings

Click to read the detail about Google’s upcoming Chrome HTTP Warnings and find out what you should be doing to migrate to HTTPS. 

Click here to contact me to discuss migrating to HTTPS. I have a wealth of successful migration experience we can use to make sure traffic and rankings are preserved, or increased.

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Google Sending HTTP Security Warnings

If your website is on HTTP, you will be receiving notifications from Google Search Console of the imminent security warnings which will be shown against your website in Chrome 62.

Read this post to find out the information on the warnings, how it will impact your website and users, and, importantly, what you can do about migrating to HTTPS.

Contact me for help migrating your site from HTTP to HTTPS. I have helped many clients successfully migrate to HTTPS.

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Digital Things of Interest 03 August 2017

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 03 August 2017, which includes:

– Android dev releases have Chrome’s ad-blocker installed.
– Apple ditches Nano & Shuffle.
– The sad, sad tale of Winamp’s journey to oblivion.
– Facebook advertisers are paying to promote news stories which mention their brand.

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