Google Introduces 8 Trust Indicators for News Stories

In another effort to stem fake news, Google is working with a peak body, and news publishers to generate additional trust symbols to surface in search.

Naturally, this will favour Google’s new best mates the news publishers.

Read more in the extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 17th November 2017.

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Google Ends First Click Free

I’m disappointed in Google ending First Click Free.

I think that shutting down First Click Free is a poor decision for users, but a potentially beneficial one for big publishers.

I’m not convinced even this sop will allow the gilded news publishers to reap the profits they feel they so richly deserve.  

Get ready for “flexible sampling” by reading and following the Key Actions List.

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TWIS Google Ends First Click Free

I think Google ending First Click Free will set the cat amongst the pigeons.

If news publishers can rank with user-inaccessible content, what about other websites?

I do feel sorry for new publishers though. Those glass-walled offices in big city-centres can;t be cheap.

Read this SEO update from TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 15 Sept 2017 and find out your options if First Click Free ends.

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Google News Testing Subscriptions For Publishers

Read about how Google News is testing new subscription options for publishers, in an attempt to keep them afloat, on-board and viable.

Contact me to discuss how to get into Google News and how to implement First Click Free, as well as ways to design subscription programs that work.

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TWIS SEO News & Updates 25th August 2017

Click to read the very latest SEO News and Updates for w/e 25 August 2017 and you will discover the following fabulous stories:

– BrightEdge showing 57% of search now mobile;
– Google’s attempt to mollify news publishers with subscription help ;
– A brand new Q&A feature in Google Local.;
– AMP ads get some supercharged speed;
– Google picks a single canonical, even if you try your best to confuse it;
– As well as some newsy, snippety SEO Bits & Pieces.

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Google News Facelift June 2017

The news we’ve all been waiting for! Google News has had a facelift for the first time in 7 years. Aside from tweaked look and feel, they are also trying to deal with echo chambers and fake news. Read about the changes in this post.

If you would like to discuss ways this facelift could impact your traffic and visibility on Google News, and how to improve it, please feel free to contact me.

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Read the latest SEO News & Updates for w/e 30th June 2017: 

– Google releases big update 25th June;
– Canadian Supreme Court Orders Global Google De-Indexation; 
– Google’s Mobile Test Tool Updated; 
– Google News Gets A Facelift; 
– Google Gives Very Incorrect 301 Redirect Advice; 
– As well as some exceptionally enlightening Bits & Pieces.

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Wall Street Journal SEO Traffic Loss

Read this thought-piece and insights into the reasons for The Wall Street Journal Losing 44% of SEO Traffic in this post from Belmore Digital and ways modifying your traffic / revenue model might impact your web business.

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