Alphabet Separates Google Shopping In EU

I love the way big corporates, like Google / Alphabet, get to play by their own rules.

And occasionally, it’s fun to watch a big corporate and a big institution, like the EU, fight it out.

Google is changing its shopping service in the EU to prevent ongoing EU fines after their recent judgement.

In the less-than surprising turn of events, you can read about in this story, it’s unlikely that Google’s revenue stream will be affected.

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TWIS SEO News & Updates 29 Sept 2017

This week’s SEO News & Updates have had an extra 24 hours to mature due to the long weekend in Australia.

I think they are even more tasty for it.

Google is still denying Fred was an update.

SEJ release another rubbish poll.

Apple ditches Bing on Siri for Google.

Google Shopping rejigged but only for EU.

Plenty of  smart speaker owners have given voice purchasing a go.

And some delightfully distracting SEO Bits & Pieces.

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Google Caves To EU Shopping

My, my.

This really is the Bigger of Two Evils. The EU vs Google. Google vs the EU.

How to choose who you want to win that particular scrap?

All this Google Shopping / EUFine malarkey could be over soon, or this Google caving business could be the opening salvo in the next battle.

Read this exciting story extracted from TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017.

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TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017


I was happy about Forbes etc nofollowing linkspam.

Then I noted JavaScript-only sites miss 35% of traffic. Whoops!

Google is caving to the EU – Goliath vs Goliath.

I was right about dealing with recurring event content.

Google popped stats about searchers not using “near me” as much. 

Finally, a Twitter trawl for the SEO Bits and Pieces, and TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 01 Sept 2017 was done.

Read it now so it doesn’t get lonely.

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EU Ready to Fine Google Billions

Read this thought-piece and insights into the reasons why the EU is Ready to Fine Google Billions in this post from Belmore Digital, and the ways these insights and different antitrust regulations could impact your web business.

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