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Unlocking the Power of Content: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating an Effective Content Strategy and Creation Plan for Your Business

2023-06-05T15:09:03+10:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

📝 Content is more than just words; it's the key to capturing your audience's attention. But how do you create a content strategy that resonates with your target customers? Let us guide you through the process with our comprehensive article! ✨

How to Create a Successful Paid Social or PPC Campaign

2023-05-25T19:39:17+10:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, PPC & Paid Social, SEO, Social Media, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Unlock the secrets to a successful paid social or PPC campaign! 🚀✨ A well-executed campaign can drive traffic, boost conversions, and grow your business. Remember, marketing is an ongoing journey of evaluation and adaptation. 📊💪

The Power of Paid Socials and PPC in Digital Marketing

2023-05-25T18:25:31+10:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, PPC & Paid Social, SEO, Social Media, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Harness the power of Paid Socials and PPC for digital marketing success! 🚀💥 Target your audience with precision, reaching them based on demographics, interests, and location. Get ahead in search engine results by using strategic keywords. 🎯✨

Mastering Paid Social and PPC: A Complete Guide to Boost Your Business

2023-05-25T06:48:28+10:00Categories: Analytics & Performance, Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, PPC & Paid Social, SEO, Social Media, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

🚀 Boost your business with Paid Social and PPC advertising! 📈 Reach customers faster and more effectively with targeted ads on social media and search engines. 🎯✨

JB’s Digital Update 20th Dec 2022

2023-01-10T12:09:47+11:00Categories: CRO and Conversions, Digital Marketing, JB's Digital Update, SEO, SEO News, Social Media, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

I’ve got some final relevant updates before we finish 2022: Google Maps displays an "Offer Available" message under some business profile pins; Google Grinch releases a link spam update in December 2022; the ROI of personalised experiences is measured by audience performance; LinkedIn is used for content marketing. Read on to see how relevant they will be for 2023.

Google’s Mobile First Index Live For a Few Sites

2017-11-03T09:13:11+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , |

I'm kind of enjoying this approach from Google, of slowly rolling out the Mobile First Index. Don't scare the horses springs to mind. I think we'll see it gather pace in the next few months, once teething issues are ironed out, but it will still take a very long time for the Mobile First Index to roll out fully, if it ever does. Read this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 27th October 2017. #SEO #SEONews #MobileFirst #GoogleUpdates #SERP

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 6th October 2017

2017-10-16T18:19:20+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , |

Hooray, it's the SEO Bits and Pieces! I love 'em. This week's exciting cornucopia includes YouTube restricitng links; Google not being a grammer pedant, AMP getting all whizzbang and a couple of other SEO snippets.   This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 6th October 2017. You should read it regularly. It's good for your demeanour. #SEO #SEONews #YouTube #AMP #SERP #GoogleUpdates

Google Starts Testing Mobile First Index

2017-10-13T20:12:19+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , |

I'm excited by Google's forthcoming Mobile First Index. Google is already testing results in SERPs. I think it has the chance to shake up the search results majorly. I think it will also motivate some laggard websites to finally adopt a mobile-first approach, or even just acknowledge mobile. Read the Key Issues, Key Actions & Insights from this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 6th October 2017. #SEO #SEONews #MobileFirst #SERP #GoogleUpdates

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 29th September 2017

2017-10-10T07:01:36+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , |

I like this week's SEO Bits & Pieces. I think there is just the right mix of interesting information, helpful hints and slightly surprising questions that people still ask the Demi Gods of Google. All in all it's a nifty little read as an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 29th September 2017. #SEO SEONews #GoogleUpdates #HTTPS #GoogleLocal #AMP #InternationalSEO

Google Still Says Fred Wasn’t a Major Algorithm Update

2017-10-04T17:50:31+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , |

I think Google confuses itself, but it really doesn't like admitting it. Apparently, the Fred Update wasn't really an update, or at least not a specific enough update to really give it a name and worry about it. It was just an every day BAU update, if you believe Google. Or something more, if you were hit by it. Read the full story at the link beneath, including making your site effectively algorithm proof. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleUpdates #SERP

TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 29 Sept 2017

2017-10-03T16:45:36+11:00Categories: SEO News, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , , , |

This week's SEO News & Updates have had an extra 24 hours to mature due to the long weekend in Australia. I think they are even more tasty for it. Google is still denying Fred was an update. SEJ release another rubbish poll. Apple ditches Bing on Siri for Google. Google Shopping rejigged but only for EU. Plenty of  smart speaker owners have given voice purchasing a go. And some delightfully distracting SEO Bits & Pieces. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleUpdates #MarketResearch #Bing #GoogleShopping #VoiceSearch

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 22 Sept 2017

2017-10-02T08:27:12+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , , |

I like this week's SEO Bits & Pieces. It ranges across the gamut of small-scale SEO news and updates. There's a bit of Google update chatter, a touch of EU vs Google, some tidbits from Google engineers, and a couple of "teaching your grandmother to suck eggs moments". Follow the link to read the ins and outs of this week's SEO Bits & Pieces. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleUpdates #EUFine #Googlebot #MobileFirst #HTTP2

Google Says Search Algorithm Monitoring Tools Get It Right

2017-09-27T09:43:52+10:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , |

I like how one week Google is dissing the algo monitoring tools as scrapers, and the next.... Well, they kind of begrudgingly admit the tools are often right. Regrettably, though, Google declined to say when the tools are wrong, and by how much, or the updates the tools miss. Read the insights and recommended actions as a result of this revelation from Google. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleUpdates #SERP

Google SEO Update Possum Rolled Back

2018-10-19T14:17:40+11:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , , |

I love it when a Google update rolls back and people get re-listed. A year after rolling out, the Google Local Possum Update has reversed for a bunch of filtered businesses. If you're still affected then you need to do something about it, now don't you? *cough* virtual offices. Read all about it in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 08 Sept 2017. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleLocal #LocalSEO #GoogleUpdates

Google: Four Things to Get Right for Mobile First Index

2017-09-12T17:18:09+10:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , |

Well, Google is keen to give us teasers over the looming Mobile First Index. They are not complete answers, but are certainly pointers in the right direction. If you're not prepared for the Mobile First Index, you will be in for a shock, even though Google is planning on softening the blow as much as possible. Read more in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 08 Sept 2017. Oh, and don't forget to make sure your website is not just Mobile Friendly, but Mobile First. #SEO #SEONews #MobileFirst #GoogleUpdates #TechnicalSEO #UX

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 25 August 2017

2017-08-29T11:05:41+10:00Categories: SEO News|Tags: , , , , , , |

Click to read the latest SEO Bits and Pieces and find out what entertaining things Google and other have been up to. Contact me to discuss these Bits and Pieces and how implementing them might help your website to rank and perform better. #SEO #SEONews #Apple #Googlebot #GoogleSearchConsole #GoogleUpdates #MobileFirst

Google Update 25th June 2017

2018-11-13T14:50:48+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News|Tags: , , , , |

Read about the reported Google update around 25th June 2017. It's not been confirmed by Google (they rarely do), and the current chatter is that it focuses on content quality and backlinks. If you would like to discuss ways the impact this update may have had on your web business, and how to mitigate the potential risks of Google updates, please feel free to contact me. #SEO #GoogleUpdates #ContentQuality #BackLinkProfile

SEO News & Updates: TWIS w/e 30 June 2017

2018-11-12T13:25:52+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News, The Week In Search|Tags: , , , , , |

Read the latest SEO News & Updates for w/e 30th June 2017:  - Google releases big update 25th June; - Canadian Supreme Court Orders Global Google De-Indexation;  - Google's Mobile Test Tool Updated;  - Google News Gets A Facelift;  - Google Gives Very Incorrect 301 Redirect Advice;  - As well as some exceptionally enlightening Bits & Pieces. #SEO #GoogleUpdates #MobileFirst #PageSpeed #GoogleNews #TechnicalSEO

Mobile First Index Won’t Hit Until 2018

2018-11-12T12:54:33+11:00Categories: SEO, SEO News, Technology & Development|Tags: , , , , , , |

In this free thought-piece, you can read actionable insights into the reasons for Google's Mobile First Index not hitting until 2018, and what to do about the ways the looming Mobile First Index could impact your website. Even though Google are delaying and back-tracking, you still need to take action. #SEO #MobileFirst #MobileSearch #GoogleUpdates

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