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Digital Things of Interest 16 August 2017

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Read these Digital Things of Interest for 16 August 2017, which includes: - Facebook acquiring a German video specialist, possibly for AR; - Snippets from Deloitte's Mobile Consumer Survey; - How a Single Word Drove 161% CTR improvement; - News that IoT smart locks have been borked by an OTA update. Oops. #Facebook #MobilePhones #Conversions #IOT #AugmentedReality #GrowthHacking

Digital Things of Interest 10 August 2017

2024-01-18T05:39:53+11:00Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management|Tags: , , , , , |

Read these Digital Things of Interest for 10 August 2017, which includes: - Duolingo's A/B testing & growth-hacking; - Colour combos in rich, glorious, erm, colour; - Twitter testing cheap & cheerful ad packages; - Programmatic dragged through the mud once again. #GrowthHacking #Conversions #UserExperience #Twitter #Programmatic #DigitalMarketing

SEO News & Updates TWIS w/e 19 May 2017

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Read the TWIS SEO Update for w/e 19th May 2017 - jam-packed with actionable insights: Google Lens Visual Search announced; Google Assistant Coming to iPhone; Rumours of a Google Update; Google Analytics AMP update; Google Testing Dropping Secondary Listings for Featured Snippets; And some exceptionally interesting Bits and Pieces. #SEO #GrowthHacking #GoogleLens #GoogleAssistant #GoogleAnalytics #AMP #GoogleUpdates #FeaturedSnippets #GoogleIO

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