JavaScript Loses 35% of Search Traffic & Revenue

Woah Nelly! I am shocked by this…

You mean JavaScript is not the best thing for SEO since sliced bread?

I can’t believe I’m writing this: JavaScript is sometimes readable by Google, but the other search engines?

It’s like they haven’t even heard of JavaScript.

Read the full story from TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017.

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Google Picks One Canonical To Index

Click to read about how Google picks a single canonical to index and how to avoid confusing Google with incorrect or inconsistent canonicals.

Contact me if you are having issues with canonical URLs or redirecting URLs properly.

#SEO #SEONews #Google #CanonicalURLs #Indexation #Redirects
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TWIS How to Block Staging Server

Click here to discover how to block your staging server from Google’s index, and how to remove URLs if it does get indexed.

Contact me to get help removing your URLs from Google’s index, or preventing your staging and development URLs from getting indexed in the first place.

#SEO #SiteMigrations #WebDev #Redirects #Indexation #GoogleSearchConsole
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Canada Google Deindexation

Read all about the effects of Canada’s Supreme Court ordering Google to de-index a site globally. Although unlikely, this could have significant ramifications for web disputes internationally – think legal tourism in friendly jurisdictions.

If you would like to discuss ways might impact your web business, please feel free to contact me.

#SEO #Google #InternetLaw

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Google Likes Tasty Breadcrumbs

Find out why Google Likes Breadcrumbs so much in this post, and read 6 tips on how to implement them for a bit of crawling and ranking love from Google. Doing this could impact your web business.

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Google XML Sitemaps LOL

Click to the link to read the free thought-piece, with actionable insights into the thoughts of Google and how they think Most CMSs Produce XML Sitemaps. Having great XML Sitemaps can influence your crawling and indexation and, ultimately, impact your web business…

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Basic SEO Guides Competitor Research

Basic SEO Competitor Analysis – An Introduction Doing basic competitor analysis before starting any SEO web build is vital. Getting this right enables a shortcut to what’s important to the search engine ranking factors for the target market, and what users are likely to like, as well as a shortcut to understanding the scale, or… Read More