Enhance SEO Strategy: Insights into Internal Linking


Enhance your SEO strategy with insights into Internal Linking, covering navigation, headers, footers, and in-body links from Belmore Digital’s Expert Digital Marketing & SEO Consultancy.

Google: Internal Link Anchor Text Matters

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In a stunning revelation, Google has said that internal link text matters. Or at least it's part of the mix. Or how about this for a wild and crazy idea? Labelling links correctly helps users and search engines contextualises the link and provides a better user experience for all concerned. Read all about it in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 24th November 2017. #SEO #SEONews #InternalLinks #UX #Googlebot

TWIS SEO News & Updates 24th November 2017

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Nominally, it was a quiet week in terms of SEO news. That is apart from Net Neutrality, YouTube ad horrors and John Mueller trolling link-builders. Oh, and some updates on link text, Featured Snippets and some amusing SEO Bits & Pieces. Not such a quiet week then. Read the very latest SEO News and Updates for 24th November 2017. They will fill your day with lightness and wonder. #SEO #SEONews #NetNeutrality #YouTube #LinkBuilding #FeaturedSnippets #InternalLinks

SEO Bits & Pieces w/e 01 Sept 2017

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Here's this week's exciting collection of SEO Bits and Pieces. Dealing with all sorts of future SEO developments in early stages, arcane minutiae of the job and some fun elements. We've got Google and Vogue on Home, Google ignoring links, infinite scroll, Wordpress fun and some duplication / canonicalisation issues. This is an extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 01 Sept 2017. Read it now. #SEO #SEONews #GoogleHome #InternalLinks #SERP #WordPress #UX

Google Gives Incorrect 301 Redirect Advice

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Wow. Google gave some incorrect 301 redirect advice, which you can read in this post. It centres around redirecting 404s and speaks from a Google perspective, rather than a webmaster / user perspective.  If you would like to discuss the ways you should implement 301 redirects and the impact not doing them could have on your web business, please feel free to contact me. #SEO #Redirects #SiteMigrations #TechnicalSEO

SEO Updates: TWIS w/e 23 June 2017

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There are a few exciting bits of SEO News in this week's TWIS SEO Update and it is well-worth a few minutes of your time to read:  - Google For Jobs has gone live in the US;  - Google Posts is live for SMBs in GMB;  - Google admits it takes a while to digest major site migrations;  - Now is the time to ditch your m-dot;  - Google loves snacking on breadcrumbs;  - As well as some terrifically transformative Bits & Pieces. #SEO #GoogleJobs #GooglePosts #MobileFirst #SiteMigrations #Breadcrumbs

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