Google Incorrect 301 Redirect Advice

Wow. Google gave some incorrect 301 redirect advice, which you can read in this post. It centres around redirecting 404s and speaks from a Google perspective, rather than a webmaster / user perspective. 

If you would like to discuss the ways you should implement 301 redirects and the impact not doing them could have on your web business, please feel free to contact me.

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Google Likes Tasty Breadcrumbs

Find out why Google Likes Breadcrumbs so much in this post, and read 6 tips on how to implement them for a bit of crawling and ranking love from Google. Doing this could impact your web business.

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Selling Links to Google

Read this thought-piece and insights into the story of Selling Links to Google in this post from Belmore Digital and the ways these insights and linking properly could impact your web business.

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SEO Over Optimisation Hurts Rankings

Read actionable insights regarding SEO Over-Optimisation, how it can hurt rankings and how to adjust your SEO activities to prevent or recover from this issue.

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Basic SEO Guides Information Architecture

Basic SEO Information Architecture – An Introduction A good, quality, basic information architecture will help your SEO rankings and your users no end. A good IA helps to give structure to your site, to your content and a clear internal linking path through which to navigate. If done well, it also enable users to find… Read More

Basic SEO Guides Internal Links

Basic SEO Internal Linking This page gives an introduction to basic SEO internal linking – that is linking to pages within the site. This should be done for information architecture, usability and optimisation reasons. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #InternalLinking… Read More