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57% of Smart Speaker Owners Have Voice Purchased

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I love the idea of being able to yell out “Alexa / Siri / Google, buy more beer!”, and having it delivered pronto to my house. The reality however, much like actually trying to work on an iPad Pro is somewhat more prosaic. With all the repetitions, misunderstandings, clarifications and apologies: it could just be a conversation with my partner. Read more about this puff piece from a proponent of Voice Search in this extract from TWIS SEO News & Updates 29 September 2017. #SEO #SEONews #VoiceSearch #KnowYourNumbers #DodgyData

Digital Things of Interest 15 August 2017

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Read these Digital Things of Interest for 15 August 2017, which includes the following great gems of information: - Plandids taking over Instagram; - Thoughts on a PageSpeed preso from Google; - How to detect if numbers are random; - Roomba could sell maps of your home; #Instagram #SocialMedia #PageSpeed #KnowYourNumbers #DataPrivacy

New Study Shows 20% of Google Clicks Go To Number 1

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Check out the stats from this new study which show that only 20% of Google clicks go to the No 1 listing, and see the tips on how to turn this data into better performance monitoring and improved SEO strategies. Contact me to help turn your organic search ranking performance data into actionable share of voice insights. #SEO #SERP #ClickThroughRates #KnowYourNumbers

Google Search Console Impression Data Change

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Read about the upsets caused by Google Search Console's modification to impression and ranking reporting, as well as actionable insights to deal with them. If you would like to discuss the ways implementing Google Search Console and analysing its data could impact your web business, please feel free to contact me. #SEO #GoogleSearchConsole #KnowYourNumbers

Google Analytics Ask Intelligence: Disappointing?

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Read about the ins and outs of Google Analytics Ask Intelligence and whether or not this new feature is fantastic, or a distracting plaything.   If you would like to discuss ways to implement and set up Google Analytics to track and improve your web business, please feel free to contact me. #Google #GoogleAnalytics #AskIntelligence #KnowYourNumbers

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