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Bing Says Links Are Still Important For Rankings

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I had to chuckle at this story. Bing, a small search engine, used by about 15 people at the last count*, has said that links are still important for rankings. In other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, and set in the west. It will be brighter than the night.  I am intrigued, however, by where Bing might go with voice search and who they might go there with.  Click the link to read the revelations of the century. *The Bing User Group meet every Tuesday in the clubhouse. #SEO #SEONews #Bing #Links #LinkBuilding

TWIS SEO News & Updates w/e 22 Sept 2017

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I enjoyed writing this week's SEO News & Updates. So much so, I thought I'd share them with you lovely people ;-) This week: Google likes the algo monitoring tools - kinda. 301 redirects don't dilute PageRank. Or do they. Bing says links still important. Who Bing? Google doesn't use disavow for linkspam. *cough* This week Google says it doesn't use click data for search rankings. Sigh. As well as some toptastic SEO Bits & Pieces. Read it all right now. #SEO #SEONews #Redirects #PageRank #Links #Bing #LinkSpam #SERP

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