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JB’s Digital Update 28th November 2023

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Is it the Hokey Pokey or the Hokey Cokey? 📣 ✅ More in-out, in-out, shenanigans with OpenAI’s revolving CEO position; ✅ YouTube continues to jig with AdBlockers;  ✅ Google lets Small Business get their own filter for shopping;  ✅ The Search Quality Guidelines from Google get an [...]

JB’s Digital Update 21st November 2023

2023-12-07T16:58:37+11:00Categories: Content Strategy & Creation, CRO and Conversions, JB's Digital Update, PPC & Paid Social, SEO, Social Media Management, Virtual Chief Digital Officer|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

Disruptors have been properly disrupted in this week's digital update 📣 ✅ Open AI sacks (and maybe rehires) CEO Sam Altman; ✅ Muksy's comments start The Great Twitter Xodus 2023;  ✅ Let's talk conversions and behavioural strategies - everyone's doing it;  ✅ Meta & Amazon buddy up to sell directly in-app from the ad; ✅ Google gets really personal in a search hybrid "feed". 🌟All that wrapped up in a handy video and blog post by me, your genial, disruptive, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟 (And don't forget to like, share, follow, subscribe wherever you see this post. It's appreciated.)

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