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JB’s Digital Update 20th May 2024

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This week’s update brings you a mix of AI enhancements in search, a milestone for Netflix's ad tier, TikTok's new video experiment, and some unsettling news from Google’s deindexing spree. Keep up with the latest to stay ahead in the digital marketing game.

JB’s Digital Update 28th November 2023

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Is it the Hokey Pokey or the Hokey Cokey? 📣 ✅ More in-out, in-out, shenanigans with OpenAI’s revolving CEO position; ✅ YouTube continues to jig with AdBlockers;  ✅ Google lets Small Business get their own filter for shopping;  ✅ The Search Quality Guidelines from Google get an [...]

JB’s Digital Update 21st November 2023

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Disruptors have been properly disrupted in this week's digital update 📣 ✅ Open AI sacks (and maybe rehires) CEO Sam Altman; ✅ Muksy's comments start The Great Twitter Xodus 2023;  ✅ Let's talk conversions and behavioural strategies - everyone's doing it;  ✅ Meta & Amazon buddy up to sell directly in-app from the ad; ✅ Google gets really personal in a search hybrid "feed". 🌟All that wrapped up in a handy video and blog post by me, your genial, disruptive, JB ;-) Read on and enjoy! 🌟 (And don't forget to like, share, follow, subscribe wherever you see this post. It's appreciated.)

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