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JB’s Digital Update 28th November 2023

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Is it the Hokey Pokey or the Hokey Cokey? 📣 ✅ More in-out, in-out, shenanigans with OpenAI’s revolving CEO position; ✅ YouTube continues to jig with AdBlockers;  ✅ Google lets Small Business get their own filter for shopping;  ✅ The Search Quality Guidelines from Google get an [...]

Basic SEO Guide

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Master the Basics – An Introduction to Fundamental SEO Practices This is the primary page in the Basic SEO Guide section. The guides introduce basic elements of a successful SEO campaign and links to explanations of the fundamentals. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #WebsiteStrategy #ContentStrategy […]

Basic SEO Content Planning

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Strategic SEO-Driven Content Basic content planning is an important step in delivering your SEO web project to desired goals and objectives. Ranging from understanding the prospective user, understanding where they may be on their own user journey, and just plain writing down the keywords and [...]

Basic SEO Internal Linking

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SEO Strategy – Internal Linking Basics This page gives an introduction to basic SEO internal linking – that is linking to pages within the site. This should be done for information architecture, usability and optimisation reasons. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #InternalLinking […]

Basic SEO Body Content

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SEO Body Content Guide Writing, or creating basic body content for SEO is a relatively straight-forward process – providing you are aware of a framework to use. These days content creation is much less about such horrors as keyword density and much more about creating useful content [...]

Basic Google Search Console Setup

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Google Search Console – Quick Setup Tips Google Search Console is a fundamental element of any SEO project or task. It provides basic or detailed information regarding how your site is indexed by Google and if Google finds any issues with your site. #SEOGuides #SEOStrategy #GoogleSearchConsole [...]

SEO Ranking Factors: Find Crawl Index

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Find Crawl Index focuses on the key SEO ranking factors which Google uses to rank websites, but can generally be applied to most search engines. If you understand what search engines want to do with their resources and what they want to surface to their users, then you can start to [...]

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