Google Picks One Canonical To Index

Click to read about how Google picks a single canonical to index and how to avoid confusing Google with incorrect or inconsistent canonicals.

Contact me if you are having issues with canonical URLs or redirecting URLs properly.

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AMP Ads Get Even Faster

Click here to read about how AMP ads are getting even faster and what you need to do to create the ads, or display those ads on your website to make more money.

Contact me to discuss how to implement AMP on your website.

#SEO #SEONews #AMP #AdStrategy #MobileFirst #Revenue
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Google Local Q&A Now Live

Click to read about the new Google Local Q&A feature that’s just gone live and tips on how to deal with questions and provide answers.

Contact me to discuss creating, managing and optimising Google My Business listings and managing the new Q&A features.

#SEO #SEONews #GoogleMyBusiness #LocalSEO #GoogleLocal #SERP
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Google News Testing Subscriptions For Publishers

Read about how Google News is testing new subscription options for publishers, in an attempt to keep them afloat, on-board and viable.

Contact me to discuss how to get into Google News and how to implement First Click Free, as well as ways to design subscription programs that work.

#SEO #SEONews #GoogleNews #FirstClickFree #Facebook
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Mobile Now 57% of Google Search Traffic

Click to read about BrightEdge’s latest research showing that mobile device traffic now account for 57% of search and how to check the mobile / desktop split in your market sector versus your site’s performance.

Contact me to discuss how to optimise your site so it appears as often as it should do in mobile search.

#SEO #SEONews #MobileSearch #MobileFirst #KeywordResearch #GoogleAnalytics
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TWIS SEO News & Updates 25th August 2017

Click to read the very latest SEO News and Updates for w/e 25 August 2017 and you will discover the following fabulous stories:

– BrightEdge showing 57% of search now mobile;
– Google’s attempt to mollify news publishers with subscription help ;
– A brand new Q&A feature in Google Local.;
– AMP ads get some supercharged speed;
– Google picks a single canonical, even if you try your best to confuse it;
– As well as some newsy, snippety SEO Bits & Pieces.

#SEO #SEONews #MobileSearch #GoogleNews #LocalSEO #AMP #CanonicalURLs
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